Arnold Schwarzenegger goes smart at UK event

Many fans are willing to pay huge amounts of money to see their idols in person at events and conventions, as have many of the fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger that this weekend have approached the Arnold Sports Festival in Birmingham, UK, who were looking to see the star of Terminator in person.

Nevertheless, after paying no more and no less than 98 euros (84 pounds), they have come across a very disappointing surprise.

Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 2019 Seoul premiere of Terminator: Dark Fate (Photo: The Chosunilbo JNS / Imazins / Getty Images)

Although Schwarzenegger had previously promised to appear in person, the actor and former California governor He reported at the last minute through Twitter that he would not be able to impersonate at the event due to health reasons, but his intervention would be carried out virtually through Zoom. But of course, people had paid a high ticket to see their idol in person. Live, but in the flesh.

“I am saddened to announce that I will not be able to see @arnoldsportsuk in person this year. The team has done a fantastic job and I will be 100% with you virtually, asking my questions and answers and using the technology to be at the event.. I can’t wait to see you in person next year. “Schwarzenegger wrote on his Twitter. In addition, the actor accompanied his words of apology with a video where he explained in more detail the problem that has prevented him from traveling from the United States to Europe.

And it is that as seen in the video, the protagonist of Total challenge O Risky lies had a leg injury. “I am very sad that I cannot attend due to the condition of my leg.”, claimed the actor. I injured my leg, foot, calf. The doctor told me not to travel. So sorry about that. I will broadcast from time to time during the weekend. You’re going to see me on the screen. So I really want to arrive next year in 2022 because I will be there “, he concluded.

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Although of course what draws the attention of the video is to see Schwarzenegger with his pet donkey -as if having said animal in the vicinity of a large mansion was the most normal thing in the world- but surely for those who paid the high price of the entrance to see it in the act they were not so pending of this detail, since his outrage at seeing such a message just hours after the event after paying £ 84 would be immense. And so they have shown in the comments.

“That! Did I pay £ 84 to see you on a screen ?! ” O “You deliberately waited until the last minute to announce this, will we get a full refund !?”, were some of the responses that could be read on Twitter, although there were also people who understood the situation and wrote to the actor things like “It’s a shame, I was looking forward to seeing you. I wish you a quick recovery with the leg, see you in 2022 “.

But the outrage is more than understandable, especially considering the price and his decision not to announce it until the last minute. Because if, seeing someone through Zoom without having him in front of it is not the same. And nobody would pay such an amount to attend a presentation of these characteristics by video call.

However, Arnold Schwarzenegger was not the only main attraction of the Arnold Sports Festival, since this It also featured other 80s action film stars such as Sylvester Stallone, who took the convection stage for a question and answer session alongside Dolph Lundgren, his co-star of Rocky 4.

Of course, although Stallone is an actor who enjoys the same status as the protagonist of Terminator, there would be people who attended to see Schwarzenegger with special enthusiasm and not the Rocky star, so even if it was a health issue the actor could have better assessed the situation, broke the news earlier, and the event offered the opportunity for reimbursement.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger goes smart at UK event