Ashton Kutcher Continues With ‘Take A Shower’ Chants During Iowa Live Stage | In Spanish.

Ashton Kutcher continues to sing ‘Take a Shower’ during ESPN’s live appearance

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Ashton Kutcher brings sports fans together for a common reason.

The 43-year-old actor appeared as a special guest on ESPN College GameDay in Ames, Iowa, on Saturday, where he met crowds of people singing “bathing” after he and his wife Mila Kunis staged a fun discussion about how often people bathe.

He was immediately overwhelmed by the pro-hygiene chorus when he got out of his jet at Jack Trice Stadium in Iowa, where he spoke at his alma mater, the University of Iowa, before Saturday’s game against Iowa State. The chanting continued as Kutcher sat on the pregame panel, but restricted his ability throughout the broadcast.

The famous University of Iowa alumnus chose the slightly underdog Hawkeyes to upset the Storms in a fiery competition.

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Kutcher and Kunis, 38, revealed in July that they don’t have to bathe their children every day and every day. “Now here’s the thing: if you see dirt on them, wipe them off. Otherwise it’s useless, ”he joked. Armchair Expert podcast

“I didn’t have hot water when I was a kid, so I didn’t shower much more,” Kunis added. “But when I have children, I don’t wash them every day either. I am not the father who bathes my newborn babies ”.

Regarding her own bathing habit, Kutcher said she tends to “spray my face with water” after exercising, but there is no obligation to wash her entire body every day. “I wash my armpits and crotch every day, and nothing else,” he laughs. “I get a Lever 2000 bar that runs every hour. Nothing more”.

The speech has grown on social media, with an emphasis on a number of celebrities, including Dwayne Johnson, Cardi B, Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, Jake Gyllenhaal, Terry Crews, Chris Evans, and Jason Momoa, among others.

Kutcher enjoyed the whole situation last month, posting a funny video of him and Kunis taking a bath for their children: their 6½-year-old daughter Wyatt Isabelle and 4½-year-old son Dimitri Portwood. “Did you put water on the children ?! Did you try to make them melt? ” Kutcher yelled at the clip.

mila kunis, ashton kutcher

mila kunis, ashton kutcher

Alberto E. Rodríguez / Getty Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

“It is funny! What happened?” He continued, while Kunis explained through the jokes that he bathed the children. “It’s like the fourth time this week!”

A Harvard Health Publishing study found that you don’t need to shower every day. In addition to leaving skin dry and irritated, frequent bathing can cause infections and kill “normal bacteria.”

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In addition, the stimulation of dirt, microorganisms and other environmental factors creates protective antibodies and “immune memory”, which is why pediatricians and dermatologists advise against daily bathing for children.

“While there is no ideal amount, experts suggest that bathing several times a week is sufficient for most people (unless you are angry, sweaty, or have other reasons to shower frequently),” the study concludes. “A short shower (three or four minutes) with a focus on the armpits and groin may be sufficient.”

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Ashton Kutcher Continues With ‘Take A Shower’ Chants During Iowa Live Stage | In Spanish.