Jacobs challenges Bolt: “You and me against flag-stealing, but for charity”

It took a week. But eventually the answer came. And it is a disenchanted, ironic answer.


Last Sunday, Usain Bolt, speaking from Dubai, guest of personal sponsors during the Expo, said: “I missed not competing at the Olympics. It was frustrating to watch the races from home, on TV. I would have really liked be there. Also because I could have won back the 100: that 9 ”80 would have been within my reach”. The phrase, figuratively translated from Jamaican slang, most likely meant: “Dear Jacobs, if I had been there, you certainly wouldn’t have won in Tokyo …”. Because the blue, surprising the world, but only up to a certain point those who had followed him during the season, to reach the title of the queen specialty, on 1 August, at the New National Stadium, had flown in 9 “80 , second European record within a couple of hours after 9 ”84 of the semifinal.


Marcell did not react at first. Then, yesterday afternoon, he took a pen and paper, or the keyboard of his smartphone and, with a post published on Instagram, in English and without ever mentioning it directly, exactly as he had done, he replied to the five-circle champion of his race in Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016. In deference to a light-hearted style that, on closer inspection, can also resemble a vague mockery: “You are my idol, so thank you for the” hats off “- ha written in Garda -. But you also said you’d be sure to beat me. So I’m ready for the challenge. What do you think of starting with a “flag-stealer” for charity? You bring your team, I bring mine “. The comments of the fans were not long in coming, many of them praising a real confrontation on the track that never happened and, probably, never will. If only for the fact that Usain has now retired from the scene for more than four years, after the 2017 London World Cup.


The policeman, on the closing day of the Japanese Games, had had the opportunity to express a certain dissent towards his predecessor: “I hoped he would show up – he said -: in the roll of honor of the 100, after his name, appears the mine. But I didn’t hear him directly. ” In fact, it was later made clear that the Jamaican had instead sent his successor a message of compliments. But the two, a month later, on 12 September, both guests of the F1 Grand Prix in Monza, had more or less deliberately avoided each other. Or at least no one (intentionally?) Had lifted a finger for them to meet. Until the question and answer of these days. Will there be any developments?


In the meantime, Paolo Camossi’s pupil, in terms of winter preparation, really got serious. The training sessions at the Paolo Rosi stadium in Rome increase in quantity and quality. With the search for a sparring partner for the repetitions still open, as reiterated this week via social media. The one for a babysitter to take with the family to a gathering in Tenerife from the end of December to the end of January was favorably resolved. So that also followed an appeal for an … English teacher. He will need to improve quickly: just over a couple of months is missing from the return to competitions and the related new wave of media interest, including international ones, which will inevitably be unleashed. The opponents are trampling: recently, among others, both Christian Coleman, whose eighteen-month ban for doping expired eight days ago, and Ronnie Baker, fifth out of 100 at the Olympics, have made official their intention to do the indoor season. The two, at the last World Championships in the hall, those of Birmingham 2018, on the 60 were gold and bronze.

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Jacobs challenges Bolt: “You and me against flag-stealing, but for charity”