Patta, Jacobs, Desalu and Tortu: “That’s why we won gold”

Great public success for the four heroes of the Olympics with the triumph in 4X100. Jacobs: “We are the opposite of Americans who hate each other …”. Patta: “I was calm, there was no audience, it seemed like a regional match”

From our correspondent Valerio Piccioni


In Tokyo at one point they heard “Volare” and “Magical Nights” from the loudspeaker. This time, in the Santa Chiara Auditorium, an “Italia, Italia” choir arrives, which was missing at the Olympics without an audience. The Sport Festival embraces the golden relay runners. And first of all Filippo Tortu, the comeback wizard, begins to explain that athletics is an individual sport, but “the relay is the maximum expression of a team”. What is striking is the naturalness with which Lorenzo Patta, Marcell Jacobs and Fausto Desalu, together with Tortu, talk to each other, deliver jokes that enchant the audience, tell in their own way that winning moment that will forever bind their stories. A bit like a musical group, it easily draws on a repertoire that has been tried a thousand times. Already the relay, linked by a real witness and an invisible one, the ability to feel within the same climb. “The opposite of Americans who hate each other,” says papal papal Jacobs.


The evening is a journey that does not want to reach the finish line. Because in the end, people “besiege” the Four Musketeers and don’t let them leave that easily. Lorenzo Patta is “as calm as he was then”, says Tortu. The almost rookie from Tokyo confirms: “Fear? Absolutely not. I didn’t feel pressure, it seemed like a regional match for me, there was no public and I’m used to competing without an audience ”, says the Sardinian sprinter who admits, as a former football player, that his child idol has always been Francesco Totti. The line of the evening, however, is signed by Fausto Desalu, the number three fractionist. “Why are you doing so well in the corners?” Ask Margherita Granbassi and Andrea Buongiovanni. He buzzes around the question and then shares: “In fact, if there were 100 meters in the curve, I would be the best!”. There is also a moment of great tenderness, we experience it when Granbassi asks Desalu why she defines sporting activity as “a job”. Fausto replies that “behind those 10 or 20 or 45 seconds there is a lot of commitment, no sacrifices, but sacrifices yes. And all this also means that you sweat, that you struggle, that sometimes you cry “.


Cry. The one who did it the most in Tokyo was undoubtedly Filippo Tortu, “I couldn’t stop doing it and they obviously made fun of me”. But first there was something else: a sensation. “We weren’t favorites, but we felt something, we felt we had more chances to win than to lose.” A sensation that multiplies during the last fraction. “I was very lucid, I felt like a fire inside, pure competitive spirit”. Jacobs recounts how important Tortu was for his growth: “It was a great stimulus for me and I took them many times from him. I really have to thank him ”. The last to leave the stage is Desalu, who is full of photos and would like to extend the evening even more: “If you want to see you outside and continue”. Another moment, yet another in these days, in which Trento embraces Tokyo and all that it has given us.

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Patta, Jacobs, Desalu and Tortu: “That’s why we won gold”