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Ashley is an experienced and versatile freelance writer with tons of published works both online and in the print media. She has close to two years of writing experience that cuts across several publishing networks, Ashley has followed Canadian conservative news ever since she got her first iPhone.

Trudeau is starting his Cash-for-Access Events Once Again

Justin Trudeau was lambasted by the media, after his cash-for-access fundraisers came into the spotlight. He was criticized by everyone, because these fundraisers were being held for foreign billionaires, the majority of whom had lobbied to Trudeau so that they can take over Canadian companies. The Liberals went into damage… Keep Reading


Canadian Stocks Aren’t Looking that Good Currently

The Canadian stock market isn’t looking pretty at this moment in time. It has come to the point where the stocks are at their worst point in history, which is pretty bad news for Canada. Investors are not considering Canadian stocks, in fear of the position of the economy currently.… Keep Reading


Trudeau’s Carbon Tax is built on Lies

There is no mistaking it, Trudeau’s carbon tax is not popular with anyone, and it being labeled as an ‘environmental policy’ is complete nonsense. The main goals of the policy aren’t in favor of the Canadian people and will only serve one purpose, which is pushing taxes higher. The Trudeau… Keep Reading


Canada has fallen from its former glory

Despite being married, girls and women still love Trudeau. However, his beauty might be costing Canada in many ways. With so much going on right now in Canada like military defenses and scientific research experiencing cuts, Canadians raising their voice against the federal budget, rallies being carried out weekly and… Keep Reading

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