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VIDEO: Pipeline Companies Are Criminals, Say Protesters

Native Americans are protesting against pipeline companies all over North America, recently towards the Dakota Access Pipeline Company. If completed, the pipeline would carry about 500,000 barrels of crude per day from North Dakota’s Bakken oilfield to Illinois. These protesters don’t understand the importance of pipelines and shipping oil, this… Keep Reading

Other News/World

Anonymous Ghost Squad Hackers Declare War on Monsanto

A group of Anonymous Ghost Squad Hackers have issued a direct threat to the multinational agrochemical giant Monsanto. The hackers have threatened to expose the secret activities of the organization and bring to light all their unethical practices.In a public message, the group recounted the history of the company and… Keep Reading

Canada/Other News

Racist in Edmonton video has gone too far 

An actor in Edmonton was filming  a commercial video when a man driving by started saying racist slurs out of his car.  In the video, a person can be heard saying “The n*****s are coming! The n*****s are coming!” Jesse Lipscombe shared the video on his Facebook page and encouraged… Keep Reading

Other News/USA

Trump Clarifies the Issue of Illegal Immigration

In an era of manufactured politicians, endless lobbying and haphazard policies, one man seems to be determined to do what is necessary and right without bothering about being politically correct. With a few weeks remaining in the 2016 US presidential elections both nominees have ramped up their efforts in campaigning.… Keep Reading

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