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Stephen Harper approves of Jason Kenney

Jason Kenny, who is running for Alberta PC leadership in the next election has made a name for himself over the last few weeks, the conservative MP said Albertans must come first, the current Premier Rachel Notley is not approving of Jason Kenny, Notley says Jason Kenney has been in… Keep Reading

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Montreal will be getting 5 brand new Metro Stations

Montreal is to receive 5 brand new metro stations from infrastructure funding from the liberal government, everything is set to go, all that’s left for Montreal is to receive the funds.  Phase 1 of the project will cost $1.2 billion, that will improve public transit, water and sewage systems for… Keep Reading


Obama got REAL close with Justin Trudeau and his wife

When Obama visited Canada last week, Trudeau showed the media they are really close, Obama was seen holding Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s hands, TMZ states the obvious, Trudeau and Obama share intimate moments, joking around, and holding hands. Could we say the pair had a political three-sum? Not really sure if there’s such a thing,… Keep Reading


Bernie Sanders supporters will be voting for Hillary Clinton

There can only be one President for the Democratic Party, it’s a race for support between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, who will win?  Donald Trump is gaining support for the Republican Party and polls  suggest he’s currently in second place at 46.5% while Clinton is gaining on him at… Keep Reading

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