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Another Country Bans The Hijab

Tajikistan legislators passed a law that effectively bans hijabs, joining a long list of countries that limit or ban Islamic dress. The new law requires citizens to “stick to traditional and national clothes,” which means either uncovered hair or a scarf tied behind the head, along with long dresses for… Keep Reading


Liberals looking to buy heated trailers for illegal immigrants

Winter is closing in on Canada, so the Liberal government says Asylum seekers need heated trailers paid for my taxpayers. Via Toronto Sun: OTTAWA — The Liberal government is thinking about buying trailers to keep asylum seekers currently living in tents at the U.S. border safe from the cold winter.… Keep Reading


Look what the Government of Canada just put on their website

If you’re gender confused, the Canadian Government just put this new update on their website. Ottawa, August 31, 2017— As announced by Minister Hussen on August 24, 2017, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is working to introduce an “X” gender designation in its citizenship, immigration and travel documents. As… Keep Reading


BREAKING: ISIS targets Ontario

The Islamic State has reached Canada, most likely through Justin Trudeau’s Syrian Refugee influx. ISIS made their presence and target with spray paint. Via Guelph Today: The graffiti, which reads ‘The Islamic State Will Rem—’ before trailing off, was spray painted on the front of Lakeside Church facing Conservation Road,… Keep Reading

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