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Delilah is 31 years old from Toronto Canada and has a conservative view on politics, she lives on the road following big names in politics, she has come upon us with many years writing experience, in her early years she has been all over Europe back-packing and had the "adventure of a lifetime" before settling down to write news on Canadian and World politics.

Committee Calls on Ottawa to Help First-Time Home Buyers

A parliamentary study that lasted for a year on the Canadian housing market, reached the conclusion that Ottawa needs to make more of an effort to help first-time house buyers, and monitor the housing market conditions from the side. The report was released by the House of Commons’ finance committee,… Keep Reading


Canadian Agency Has Delayed Approval for a Nuclear Waste Site

The Canadian government has delayed the approval for a controversial nuclear waste site in Ontario. This is after Justin Trudeau’s administration asked for more details from the Ontario Power Generation Utility regarding storage of low-level and mid-level radioactive material in different locations. They site will be around 2,230 feet below… Keep Reading


Canadians Find Weed Killer in 30% of Tested Food!

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has finally done what the U.S. government refuses to do, which is testing foods that are commonly consumed by people to find residues for the weed killer, a controversial herbicide that is linked to cancer. The results aren’t great, as the agency found glyphosate a… Keep Reading


Controversial Documentary on Mother Canada set to Release

The idea for creating the Mother Canada statue was initially declined, as it was due to be placed in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It was the subject of major outcry and created needless controversy for many people as well. However, filmmaker Craig Jackson saw this opportunity to make a… Keep Reading

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