Avengers: Infinity War | Benedict Cumberbatch improvised one of his most famous phrases

Marvel is characterized by having the MCU; that is to say, a cinematographic universe that works perfectly as if it were a Swiss watch. For this reason, it is not characterized by being the most flexible company in the world. The reality is that this study has become known for having a very specific vision of what they want to do with their films and, therefore, what they are looking for are directors who know how to adjust to that and give them exactly the film that they were imagining. IF they are not willing to do so, everything seems to indicate that they are telling them that the doors are wide open for them to go elsewhere.

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This has earned them a reputation for being a company that does not give much room for creative freedom. In recent years they have been hinting that they intend for that to change. A sign of that is that several statements have been coming out in recent times from actors who have said that they have encouraged them to improvise. The last to say this was Benedict Cumberbatch. The English actor has revealed that one of his most famous and hilarious lines from Avengers: Infinity War – 79% is the result of improvisation. This was revealed in a conversation he had with The Hollywood Reporter.

What line are we talking about? As we can all remember, in that movie Tony Stark met the supreme sorcerer. At first the meeting between the two was full of hostility. In fact, without any subtlety, but with a lot of irony, he asked him: What exactly is your job, besides making balloon animals? To this, Doctor Strange responded with an unfriendly tone the following:

It’s protecting your reality, asshole.

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Apparently, the insult was not in the script, but the actor got tired of the attitude of the character played by Robert Downey Jr. and decided to shut his mouth, leaving all cordiality aside. In the end they decided to leave the phrase like this in the film:

I remember when I called him a jerk on set there was a ripple effect ‘Oh my god. Did he just call Iron Man a jerk? ‘ They kept it, good for them. And then, he had the same kind of response in the movies. I was just … I got bored of being compared to Liberace or any of the other answers the guy with the same goatee had against me, so I tried to knock him down. It’s a lot of fun to play with those things. You gain confidence. The more times you do it it becomes a little more familiar.

It’s good that he added an insult in response to Tony Stark’s attitude. In general it’s true, Iron Man was a bit of a jerk in those movies. It was part of her charm, yes, but also one of her most defining characteristics.

On the other hand, Nia DaCosta recently reiterated her stance that the company is flexible in the latest episode of the podcast. Films To Be Buried With (via Screen Rant). There she has literally said that they are a scapegoat because, for her, everything they are accused of is false. They are not the obsessively controlling company that everyone thinks they are. In fact, he mentioned that they hire directors because they want them to be themselves:

It has just been a very rewarding experience. It is probably the best experience I have had with a studio entity or with any Big Brother type entity. And that that was with Marvel, who have a… I feel like they’ve been used as scapegoats in the industry. Everybody says, ‘Oh, you know, they control everything’ and actually they are very open and receptive and they hire you because they want you to be you. So it’s been a lot of fun in that regard.

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Avengers: Infinity War | Benedict Cumberbatch improvised one of his most famous phrases