Advances Serie A: Trento goes to Brindisi, Naples walks to Pesaro

The Dolomites with super Bradford make a comeback for Vitucci’s team. All easy for the freshman from Campania dragged by the rookie Pargo. Vuelle challenged by his audience

Trent, without Caroline, completes the feat by beating Brindisi, with a second half of great quality and with Bradford as a great protagonist in the final. Brindisi is found unprepared for the start with the turbo of the Dolomites which Reynolds has an infallible shooter from the three-point line. His three consecutive triples push the guests up (3 ‘, 4-13), before the overtaking of the hosts packaged by the gusts of Clark and the concreteness under the basket of Adrian and Nick Perkins (8’, 17-15).

However, the shock wave of coach Vitucci’s team continues to be disruptive: the 9 points of the two Perkins allow them to dig even further in the second quarter (13 ‘, 27-17). Trento, gagged by the Brindisi defense, fails to provide comforting signs of recovery. The forced stop of the game which lasted more than 10 ‘due to a problem with the stopwatch allows Trento to rearrange his ideas and get back in the wake with two three-point shots than the usual Reynolds (15’, 27-23). The game ignites. Chappell and Visconti on the one hand and the unstoppable Reynolds go crazy from the bow (17 ‘, 34-26). Trento’s reaction comes after the long interval: the 8-0 partial (25 ‘, 45-43) is pure oxygen for Flaccadori and his teammates. Trento challenges Brindisi shooting which proves to have a worse aim than that shown in the first half and in general many difficulties in finding the way to the basket. To remove the chestnuts from the fire we think Chappell, omnipresent in defense but above all in attack with heavy points and assists (31 ‘, 61-52). Bradford, the ace up his sleeve in Molin’s hands, manages to bring his front players back on his own (34 ‘, 61-62). An advantage that lasts as long as a possession before being canceled by Nick Perkins, Adrian and especially Visconti’s three-point shot (35 ‘, 68-62). The race becomes beautiful from a competitive point of view: again Bradford (4/5 from 3 up to that moment) signs the new overtaking for the guests (37 ‘, 68-70). Everything is decided in the last 120 ”. Flaccadori and Bradford again detach Brindisi (39 ‘, 74-78). Josh Perkins’ foul on Saunders and the subsequent trip to the line with 30 ”from the end allows Trento to go back to two possessions of advantage (76-80). It is the action that decides the game. It closes with the protests of Brindisi for the foul not whistled on Visconti that could have been worth a draw on the siren.
Brindisi: N. Perkins 16, Chappell 13, Gaspardo 11, Adrian 10
Trento: Reynolds 24, Bradford 21, Williams 12

Naples conquers the Vitrifrigo Arena after 18 years and forces Pesaro to the sixth defeat in a row. Pargo, Rich and Parks chastise a dull, fragile and modest Vuelle. Without Elegar, the Campania team does not suffer under the basket. Ready, go and 0-9, with a good start for the guests. Pesaro does not shake, at 7 ‘the last arrived Pargo enters and at 8’ he is 10-25 with a frenzied Rich, who scores 10 points like all of Pesaro. The guests drive smoothly and fly on 28-44 at 16 ‘with his outsiders. Parks and Lombardi are unleashed. The difference in physicality and energy between the two teams is more than evident. Sanford grows (12 points in the second period), his penetrations help Pesaro who, however, continues to chase not finding the basket from 3 and from the line (45-53 at 20 ‘). After the interval, Napoli riddles the retina from distance (45-62 in the 22nd minute) with an 8-0 break. Pesaro forgets to defend and does not play quietly. The dispute is strong, even for the management, there is no match. Naples dominates showing great solidity. At 29 ‘it is 60-76. A Pargo already in shape puts the load from ninety: 66-84 to 33 ‘. Pesaro recovers with the battle quintet, with Moretti and Camara (73-84 at 34 ‘), but never completes the comeback. Pargo, Rich and Parks are decisive. Everything is easy for Naples, Pesaro comes out overwhelmed by the whistles. It is a black crisis, something has to change. Pesaro: Sanford 18, Delfino 13, Jones 11
Naples: Rich 24, Parks 22, Pargo 18

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Advances Serie A: Trento goes to Brindisi, Naples walks to Pesaro