Milan places the eighth and remains undefeated. Virtus reaction, Brescia dominated: +29

Olimpia folds the Emilians with the usual, great defense and remains at the top alone. Rodriguez and Datome shine. In Brescia, on the other hand, after Teodosic’s expulsion, the Italian champions are unleashed with a last quarter from 26-7 and return to win away from home. Reyer passes to the Fortitudo field, Tortona rules Sassari in the second half. Dimsa and Sims push Treviso, Cremona surrenders. Shot Varese in Trieste with Kell and Gentile

On Saturday the victories of Trento and Napoli opened the eighth matchday of Serie A. Today the round is completed with Brescia-Virtus; Fortitudo-Venice, Tortona-Sassari, Milan-Reggio Emilia, Treviso-Cremona and Trieste-Varese.


Milan slips the eighth consecutive victory in the league and stay on top alone. The Messina team that regulates the Reggio Emilia practice is still unbeaten in Serie A, thanks to the usual great defense after a very balanced first half. In the last two quarters Olimpia concedes only 29 points and then relies on the skilled hands of Rodriguez and Datome to close the accounts against an excellent Reggio. The Chacho closes with 22 points and 3 steals. Gigione pits 20 points with 4 rebounds and 2 assists confirming his exponential growth. For Milan there are three men in double figures: 12 for Mitoglou and Daniles (4/4 from the arc) and 10 for Melli 8 with 5 rebounds). In Reggio, Hopkins’ double double (21 points and 12 rebounds) and the verve of a good Olisevicius (16 points and 7 rebounds) are not enough. Andrea Cinciarini, the great ex (6 years in Milan), produces 7 assists as does Crawford.

Milano: Rodriguez 22, Datome 20, Mitoglou and Daniels 12.

Reggio Emilia: Hopkins 21, Olisevicius 16, Candi 10.


Virtus Bologna returns to success away from the Segafredo Arena that with a last quarter of the author (26-7) destroys the resistance of a Brescia that for 30 ‘had tried to stay in the game. The keystone was the expulsion of Teodosic: in the best moment of the hosts, Virtus compacted, leaving the crumbs to the hosts. Virtus Bologna has a strong start, which after the awards to the former Scariolo, Diana and Ceron, presses on the accelerator with an irrepressible Weems (11-17) with 12 points from the American with 100%. Brescia responds from the arc (20-20) with a wild Della Valle from the arc (3/4): it is an impromptu response because Virtus puts the turbo in the last 2 ‘and at the first siren it is +11 (21-32) . Virtus, Virtus very strongly Virtus: in the second quarter Bologna stretches again until reaching 16 points ahead (38-54) with the total involvement of the whole team. Brescia lights up, again with Della Valle, and a partial 7-0 in the last 98 ”arrives, stopped by Teodosic’s buzzer-beater (45-56). The home team tries to frighten Virtus in the second half (59-67): Teodosic’s nervousness leads the Serbian to commit the second technical foul for protests with relative expulsion and at the siren it is +10 for the bianconeri (67-77) . The Brescia practice is settled in the very first minutes of the last fraction: Brescia stumbles on the defensive web of a super Virtus, who in less than 5 ‘closes the games (70-90) allowing himself a very long garbage-time.

Brescia: Della Valle 17, Mitrou-Long 16, Petrucelli 10.

Virtus Bologna: Weems 22, Teodosic 15, Cordinìer 13.

Tortona scores 40 points in the third period and there he decides the match against Sassari. Dinamo after Clemmons’ cut does without role play and Ramondino also has to deal with the absence of his most experienced playmaker, Wright, but he is counting on Mascolo fresh from the call for the national team. At the start, the game was fluid with a lot of three-pointers, six attempts for each team in the first quarter, which ended at 15-16. Cavina has good answers from Logan who keeps the advantage at 5 towards the middle of the period: the triples of Mascolo and Filloy, however, continue the elastic. Excellent team play in the ball of the Juventus advantage in the 16 ‘: rebound by Severini, an assist by Mascolo in the area for Macura who marks his first points, but heavy, of 29-28. Sassari struggles to finish sometimes within 24 ”, with Tortona excellent in defense under the basket even with the zone. At 18 ‘the extension to +5, but the bianconeri discover themselves and suffer first the triple from Mekowulu from the corner and then the counterattack managed by Logan for Burnell’s alley-oop (22 points both). It closes at 38-38. In the middle of the third quarter, Daum and Mascolo and Macura rise in tone. Cain silently heaps points, Daum puts the triple of +9 in the 27th minute, leaving Sassari with a partial 11-0 which in fact decides the game, with the third quarter at 78-66. Cavina makes his team react from -15 to -7, but Ramondino focuses on the setters Tavernelli and Filloy and Derthona proves to know how to alternate impetus and management and the 2 points take the road to Tortona.

Tortona: Sanders e Cain 17, Macura 15.

Sassari: Logan e Burnell 22, Gentile 13.

Second victory in a row for Venice that climbs the rankings in the playoff positions and rejects the ambitions of Fortitudo, who disappeared from the field in the second half. After the first two quarters in balance during which Aradori (14 points at the break) supports the Bolognese attack by weight, Reyer takes off in the third quarter: Benzing’s last internal advantage at 44-42 then comes a break of 25- 6 of the guests led by Watt and Tonut who pushes Venice on +14 at the third siren. In the last quarter Bologna tries to shake up with the initiatives of Procida but on the other side Vitali, Watt and also the revived Phillip put heavy baskets. For coach De Raffaele an important success based on 5 men in double figures, for his colleague Martino another knockout that still reveals the structural limits of this Fortitudo in which foreigners do not make a difference

Fortitudo: Aradori 19, Procida 13, Durham 11

Venezia: Watt 21, Tonut 16, Vitali 15


After the bad defeat with Fortitudo, Treviso returns to victory overcoming Cremona at Palaverde. For three quarters the team of coach Galbiati plays evenly, in the last one surrenders to the greater solidity of the opponents. For Tvb the victory belongs to the group, but the performances of Dimsa and Sims stand out. Spanish’s super start (immediately 7 points) does not scare the Treviso team, which relies on Dimsa’s precision from the long run to bring the match back into balance. Despite a few too many mistakes, it is the men of coach Menetti who maintain control throughout the first quarter, closed ahead 29-24. At the start of the second set the Lithuanian still thinks about giving a further acceleration, with eight points in a row (37-26), but Cremona does not crumble: the Lombard team raises the defensive intensity and returns with a break of 9- 0, starring Sanogo and a very hot Harris. The inertia is now all for Cremona, who arrives at the long break ahead of one (53-54), thanks to a triple on the Spanish siren. With these premises, the recovery can only be a battle: a lot of physicality, sudden accelerations, pure adrenaline. Harris and Cournooh push Cremona up to 61-66, but the nearly three thousand in the stands support the home team’s comeback, which closes the third quarter ahead 76-71. Now the Treviso players have an extra gear, and the defense becomes impenetrable: Cremona no longer sees the basket, while Russell and Sims continue to pierce the retina, even touching +17.

Treviso: Dimsa 23, Sims 22, Russell 12.

Cremona: Tinkle 17, Harris 15, Cournooh 14.

Big shot of Varese that forces Trieste to take the first home misstep and earns two valuable points for his ranking. The Lombards leave Pesaro the uncomfortable role of bottom of the championship and join the Fortitudo, at the end of a match commanded with great personality thanks to the super tests of Gentile and Trell. Varese comes out better from the duo ball immediately putting his mark on the match. Sorokas and Gentile to sign for the initial 0-6, Allianz would have the men to dictate its pace to the opponent but instead remain prudently in the wake of the Openjobmetis. It is the guest’s maximum advantage (9-20) towards the end of the first quarter over Trell’s two triples, well assisted by Ale Gentile. Fernandez plays the charge at the opening of the second quarter: 10 points from Lobito well supported by his compatriot Delia allow Trieste to return to the challenge at 34-36 of the 17 ‘. Varese plays with personality despite the absences, Gentile inspires and scores and it is his 14 points (7/9 of two, 4 rebounds and 4 assists) that keep the OJM ahead 36-43 at the interval. Allianz with his foot on the accelerator in shooting opening. Ciani tries the double point guard and it is Fernandez’s points (18 in 13 ‘to 30’) and a couple of initiatives by Sanders that allow Trieste to put his head ahead at 54-53 for the first time. Varese slips under by 4 on 57-53 then resumes grinding his game closing the third quarter in a draw and placing the decisive acceleration in the final game.

Trieste: Fernandez 20, Delia 12, Sanders, Grazulis 9.

Varese: At 24, Gentile 23, Sorokas 16.

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Milan places the eighth and remains undefeated. Virtus reaction, Brescia dominated: +29