Olimpia Milano also beats Treviso. Apprehension for Biligha. Virtus keeps the trail

The Messina team easily beat Nutribullet with a super Shields and a solid Datome. Problems for the center, accompanied to the hospital for investigations. Reyer victorious in the Adriatic derby. In Bologna the Vu Nere regulate Brindisi

In the ninth day of the Serie A basketball championship it is all easy for the AX Milan who rules Treviso, slips into the ninth consecutive victory, and continues its march to the top of the standings. Of Shields and Datome the baskets of the Milanese escape already in the second quarter, Sims the best among the guests. In the Adriatic derby, Venice rules Trieste. The round is completed with Sassari-Naples, Virtus-Brindisi and Cremona-Pesaro

Cold hands at the start with Milan trying to exploit the power of Tarczewski in the colored area, it is a foray by Russell to unblock Treviso, 4-2. Effective defense also of the guests who put the arrow with a bang from Dimsa, the second foul by Sims forces coach Menetti to change the board. Daniels and Ricci give breath to the red and white attack, a triple from the corner of the former Lakers seals the first mini-break of the AX, 15-7. Despite the various absences, Nutribullet is looking for new propellant from the bench, according to Imbrò and Jones. However, Olimpia remains in total control thanks to Datome and Shields, a splendid choral action closed by Melli’s bomb seals the most 12 at the end of the first quarter, 24-12. The defensive pressure of the hosts takes away lucidity in Treviso, Grant also signs up for the match, 29-14. Russell’s verve keeps the visitors running in a phase with many mistakes on both sides, the latter part of the fourth is hunting territory for the Shields-Datome duo, 43-25 at half-time. After the long break, script unchanged, the proscenium is always by Shields, the former Trento rewards Ricci for the most 19, 49-30. Bortolani, product of the Milanese nursery, tries to shake the troops of coach Menetti, even Sims hits from the arc for at least 11, 51-40. Treviso wastes two chances to get back under the double figure of disadvantage, all the experience of Hines and Melli in the new AX extension, the comfortable dunk of the former Pelicans is worth 58-42. It is the decisive push with Olimpia that spreads (partial 16-0) dragged by the umpteenth paw of Datome, of Grant the baskets that actually send the credits at the opening of the fourth period, 68-42. Concern for Biligha who receives a fortuitous nudge from Tarczewski, the center comes out stunned and on a stretcher and is taken to hospital for tests. However, the Milan player has not lost consciousness.

Milano: Shields 15, Ricci 13, Datome 11

Treviso: Sims 16, Russell 14, Jones 7

Human, trio of victories in the championship, Trieste also tamed (84-77) with superlative Watt (21) and Victors Sanders, Mazzola and Tonut to back him up. The Allianz never gave up, Banks often too isolated. Human without Vitali (quadriceps), Brooks on the bench, but not to be risked, Allianz without Campogrande (operated on Saturday). De Raffaele sends Cerella in the quintet to limit Banks. Tonut does not take off, Watt damns Delia (9-5), a score that moves slowly, despite the triples of Banks, Mazzola and De Nicolao (12-9). Konate makes a good impact on the match, but then gets fouls (3), Sanders takes over Banks, but also digs the first furrow with two triples (22-13), reduced by Mian (22-14). The former Trento repeats at the beginning of the second quarter (25-16), Watt is the first to go to double figures (29-20, 7/7 in the middle of the game), then Lever and Delia bring the Allianz back to the surface (29-25). Intense competition, when he finds space Banks strikes (31-28), with 2’29 ”from the end Tonut is also released from the perimeter (36-30) and the Umana runs away again (38-30). Daye triggers the orogranata escape with 5 points in a row (45-35), Trieste is however present, capitalizes on the mistakes of the hosts and two triples by Banks bring the Adriatic derby back into balance (47-47). Umana comes out of the time-out with a more decisive attitude, Tonut and Mazzola push Allianz back again (55-47), with Victors Sanders raging on the Julian defense (60-49). The Umana does not let go, also taking advantage of Mian’s unsportsmanlike (64-49). Trieste tries to return at the beginning of the last quarter (64-55), even with the awakening of Corey Sanders (67-57). Gala evening for Mazzola (69-57) in attack and defense, Fernandez keeps the challenge open (76-66), closed by Watt and Tonut.

Venezia: Watt 21, Tonut 17, V.Sanders 14, Mazzola 14

Trieste: Banks 23, S.Sanders 11, Delia 10, Grazulis 10

L’Aquila Trento took off. A great comeback against Fortitudo Bologna is worth the fourth consecutive victory in the league. Once again Flaccadori is the main protagonist of the recovery, matured in the last quarter when Fortitudo (without Fantinelli, Mancinelli and Totè) was unable to resist the Trentino impetus. However, Molin’s team’s approach to the game was not the best. Merit of Fortitudo that starts strong with Benzing and Groselle who are towering under the basket (8-21, respectively 8 and 6 points to mark). L’Aquila manages to hold its own thanks to the precious plays of the young Ladurner and, with the triple from Bradford, the first quarter ends at 17-25. Williams leads Trento up to -1 (27-28), but the triples of an inspired Aradori restore the distance (37-42 in the middle of the game). Dragged by captain Forray, L’Aquila finds the first advantage (47-46). Fortitudo holds its own, returns to the double-digit advantage before undergoing the new comeback of Dolomiti Energia, which, however, still has to chase (58-63). At the beginning of the last period the Aquila moves forward thanks to a sumptuous Flaccadori. Aradori is the last to give up but Fortitudo has no more. Trento celebrates which (awaiting the result of Virtus-Brindisi) rises to second place in the standings.

Trento: Flaccadori 17, Williams 15, Bradford 14

Fortitudo: Benzing 21, Aradori 20, Groselle 10


Reggio Emilia overtakes Brescia and returns to victory in the championship after three consecutive stops. The choral performance of the Emilians who have always controlled the pace was really excellent, imposing themselves thanks to the offensive blazes of Olisevicius and Thompson and the solidity across the board of Johnson, author of a double double of 11 points and 12 rebounds. Without Strautins and Baldi Rossi, out due to injury, Caja chooses the quintet made up of Cinciarini, Candi, Olisevicius, Johnson and Hopkins, while Magro responds with Mitrou-Long, Della Valle, Moss, Gabriel and Cobbins. Dragged by Cinciarini and Olisevicius, Unahotels starts very strong and closes the first quarter ahead of 13 (26-13) after having also touched +18 (24-6 to 8 ‘). Brescia’s reaction goes all through the hands of Della Valle and Moore who place an 18-4 break with which they reduce the gap (28-24 at 15 ‘) before undergoing another sprint signed by an excellent Thompson (40-28 at the break). Upon returning to the field, Caja’s team is overwhelming and rewrites the new maximum advantage with Johnson as a great protagonist and a suffocating defense (63-40 in the 30th minute). Germani tries to go upstream with Moore (65-50 at 33 ‘), but two baskets in a row by Thompson reject the sender’s ambitions for a comeback and condemn the Lombards to the third consecutive defeat.

Reggio Emilia: Olisevicius 18, Thompson 17, Johnson 11.

Brescia: Moore 16, Della Valle 13, Mitrou-Long 12.


Bitter debut on the Sassari bench for Bucchi, who does not find the victory at Palaserradimigni. Dinamo, also thanks to the return of Kruslin, plays better than the last few games, but it is not enough to beat a cynical GeVi in the final seconds, especially in the management of fouls. First part of the match in favor of Naples, Sacripanti’s team still suffers from the absence of a role center and Dinamo does everything to show it, insisting on looking for Mekowulu in the painted, a choice that is worth the first break of 15 -7. The entry of Pargo and Zerini brings order to the GeVi, the first puts Parks in pace, which proves to be an important resource in the second quarter, the blue is a rebound safety, a factor that is worth the extension for guests up to +8 ; Logan, however, is a guarantee in the uncertainties of the Sassari attack and Dinamo remains in the wake: 37-43 at 20 ‘. After the long break Sassari tries to repeat the script of the first quarter constantly looking for Mekowulu, Naples adapts by doubling in the painting and finding Rich’s points that allow GeVi to stay ahead in the score, but with Dinamo still in the wake. Logan and Bendzius close the gap and the race is decided only in the final; McDuffie leads the new guest extension, Mekowulu surprisingly from 6.75 and Logan again mend the new tear and it goes point by point in the last seconds with the GeVi ahead of 1 thanks to a free by Velicka. After the latest foul by Napoli Sassari goes to Logan, who plays the pick and pop with Mekowulu, but the triple does not go to target and GeVi takes the PalaSerradimigni for 74-75.

Sassari: Mekowulu 20, Logan 18, Bendzius 17

Naples: Mc Duffie, Rich 15, Parks 13


The direct clash for second place goes to Virtus behind the unbeaten Milan. After a game at a very high pace, with continuous breaks on both fronts, the unbridled use of the three-point shot and also many mistakes due to too much frenzy, Bologna tames Brindisi with the double double of Teodosic (also 10 assists), the solidity of the blue Tessitori, the flames of Hervey and Cordinier and the usual magisterium of Weems. With 5 men in double figures, having to make up for the foreseeable absences of Mannion and Sampson, coach Scariolo rejects the assault of his colleague Vitucci who in the final reaches -2 (81-79) but is burned by a triple from Hervey and a stolen with Pajola’s basket sprint. Brindisi starts strong shooting with the elf Clark and Josh Perkins a 5/6 from three that pushes the guests on +14 (7-21). Virtus is reorganized around Teodosic and Weems for a return that is equally deadly: 42-11 of part between the first two quarters inside the 33-8 of the second period. So Bologna reaches +17 a couple of times, even in the third quarter, with many protagonists swapping triples on triples. Brindisi remains in contact and in the last period with Nick Perkins, Adrian and Gaspardo are threatening but here comes Hervey very hot with two three-point baskets to close the accounts. Nba show: the strongest win at the Segafredo Arena.

Virtus Bologna: Hervey 20, Teodosic 14, Weems 13, Cordinier 13

Brindisi: Clark 17, N.Perkins 15, Adrian 13


Davide Moretti celebrates his first quintet of the season with the decisive baskets (and the maximum in Serie A, 14 points) which give Luca Banchi his first success on the Pesaro bench, without victories for a month and a half (6 knockouts of row) thanks also to the best attacking performance of the year. Cremona licks his wounds: in addition to Poeta and Sanogo, injured, coach Galbiati must also give up McNeace at the beginning of the second half, finding himself without half a frontline. Jones takes advantage of it, 23 points and 11 rebounds, mvp of the match. Perfect balance in the 1st quarter (18-19) and beautiful Italian duel between Spanish and Moretti in the control room, 41 years old in 2. Harris lights up, 8 points in the first break of the game signed by Vanoli (10-3). Pesaro remains in the game thanks to Sanford, Jones and a high 2 percentage (at the end of 25/41). New escape attempt by the Lombards with Cournooh and Harris (35-29), replicating the Brazilian Demetrio (always at risk of cutting) from 3 and 4 points in a row by Moretti: 38-38 at the interval. Cremona in attack does not turn well in the second half (6 turnovers) and Carpegna Prosciutto takes advantage of it, taken by the hand by Delfino, 10 points in the 3rd quarter, closing ahead 56-63. Without McNeace and Sanogo, Jones under the basket does what he wants, Vanoli tries to react with Cournooh and Spaniard but Pesaro can count on a always providential Dolphin. At 200 ” from the siren Miller wakes up: 8 points in the 11-2 break that allows Vanoli to get back into the game (74-76). Triple by Sanford, then 4 in a row by Moretti. The hosts miss the throw-in on -4 at 13 ” from the end and Pesaro closes the game on the free throws. (giacomo iacomino)

Cremona: Harris 20, Spagnolo 19, Tinkle 15

Pesaro: Jones 23, Delfino e Sanford 18

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Olimpia Milano also beats Treviso. Apprehension for Biligha. Virtus keeps the trail