Settebello Milano: go to Cremona and remain undefeated. Brindisi keeps up

Melli and Rodriguez drag Olimpia against an excellent Vanoli. Brindisi keeps pace, Venice gets up. In Sassari there is an air of crisis: team in retirement and coach Cavina in discussion

Saturday three advances of the seventh day: smile Virtus, Trento and Trieste that has conquered Sassari. After the defeat of Dinamo in retirement, the position of coach Cavina is strongly discussed. Today the championship round is completed with Cremona-Milan; Venice-Reggio Emilia; Varese-Brindisi and Naples-Tortona

Cremona tenacious for 38 ‘. Milan cynical in the last 2 ‘. So Olimpia remains undefeated and passes on the difficult field of Vanoli. Rodriguez, Melli and Mitoglou signed the victory for the Messina men, who suffered the energy and pride of a Vanoli capable of playing on par even with the leaders throughout the game. The AX starts in fourth with the longs: 8 by Melli and 6 by Tarczewski (9-14). McNeace runs in circles, it will go better in the second half, Spanish’s bad day (almost all the 2nd time on the bench) and coach Galbiati sends in Poeta and Sanogo, who stops Tarczewski who in turn, in the next action, commits his own foul on the magician of Battipaglia thrown to the basket. Triple by Harris, inspired, already 12 in the 1st half, and Cremona responds present: 20-24. An old fox, Poet. A stolen from the bottom is invented and it is a draw (24-24). Milan struggles with the second lines and the hosts close the overtaking from the line (27-24). It’s up to Datome to interrupt Olimpia’s fast, after 4 ‘. Then Melli from the arc, finally 4 in a row by Mitoglu and Milan back forward (32-35). In the second half Olimpia re-establishes the hierarchy: new break 0-7 and hosts full of fouls (four after 4 ‘). So El Chacho climbs into the chair, 8 points in a row and recovery with an assist for Hall (57-66). The 3rd quarter ends 57-73 with a super triple from Mitoglou right at the end and a new partial: 0-10. Over? Not at all. Counterpart Vanoli 11-0 with 5 ‘from the end and the game completely reopened (73-77). In the final, however, Olimpia is more lucid with Hall (7 points in the 4th quarter) and the magic of Melli and Rodriguez. Cremona, on the other hand, no longer has any. (Giacomo Iacomino)

Cremona: Harris 21, Miller 18, McNeace e Cournooh 11.

Milano: Melli 20, Rodriguez 17, Hall 15.

The Umana rises again by easily liquidating the UnaHotels Reggio Emilia, interrupting the streak of 3 consecutive defeats between Eurocup and the championship (Bursaspor, Brindisi and Ulm). Tonut, birthday as a captain, dressing up as Superman (23 points) due to the absences of Bramos and De Nicolao, favorite Stone in Charalampopous, Caja finds Cinciarini, after Covid, not Olisevicius. Question and answer between Tonut and Cinciarini, who scores the first 7 points in Reggio (10-7), Umana starts hammering from the bow as in Ulm (5/6), Vitali in great regalia (19-9). After Cinciarini, Caja finds Candi’s baskets (21-16), Venice ahead of 8 (25-17) at the first siren. Cerella and Daye widen the gap (30-17), Umana who “bites” in defense with the former Olimpia on Cinciarini. Daye and Mazzola push Reggio further (35-19), Tonut signs the free +21 (50-29), Umana in ease at rest (53-33). UnaHotels continues to struggle in attack, also thanks to the orogranata defense against Cinciarini (61-35), while Umana’s action never stops (63-36) with Sanders inflaming Taliercio ((67-35). Apart from Cinciarini and Candi, Caja has little from the other players, even if Reggio has a reaction of pride (71-46), Phillip and Tonut from the arc think about it (77-45). in the last quarter (77-51) with 6 points from Diouf, equalized by two triples from Tonut (83-51), then again Sanders (91-58). Only 4 ‘from the end, Umana drops in defense (91 -69), but the match is largely closed.
Venice: Tonut 23, Sanders 14, Vitali 12, Daye 12
Reggio Emilia: Candi 13, Baldi Rossi 12, Cinciarini 12

The Happy Casa with super Gaspardo (5/5 from 2 and 5/9 from 3) and the usual Nick Perkins (8/10 from 2 and 26 of evaluation) must struggle up to 37 ‘to overcome the resistance of an Openjobmetis in emergency version but with a lot of pride. We start with Cavazzana, called to replace coach Vertemati who was also positive at the last Covid test, which proposes an area to mask the triple absence of Egbunu, Caruso and Wilson. Brindisi takes a few moments to assert its dominance within the area and finds parity at 4’45 (11-11). It is then Nick Perkins who gives the first advantage to Vitucci’s quintet (19-20 at 11 ‘). Opernjobmetis responds with a 7-0 minibreak, where captain Ferrero sets the example with a triple (26-20 at 22’43 “). On the other side, Gaspardo and Zanelli open a series of four consecutive tufts from distance for a 12-0 which, just before the middle of the second quarter, guarantees the first extension to the Happy Casa, thanks to the forcing of Ale Gentile (28- 34 to 15’30 “). The flare-ups of Jones and Kell revive Varese who finds the strength to get back on the scoreboard (37-36 at 17 ‘). Meanwhile, Gaspardo returns dominant (15 points with 3/5 from over 6.75 m in the first half) and the two teams go to the long interval at 37-43. It is not enough to stop the white and red of the house’s desire to do well, who find a good Jones, capable of hitting even from a distance (48-47 at 24’30 “). It is the last internal advantage: Brindisi closes the third quarter with a 15-5 run (53-62) which, however, does not allow her to close the game. With Beane in percussion the Openjobmetis returns to -5 (70-75 at 37 ‘), but it is the top scorer Nick Perkins who guarantees Brindisi a new away victory, which means confirmation of the solitary second place in the standings.
Varese: Jones 22, Beane and Kell 14
Brindisi: Gaspardo 27, N. Perkins 19, Adrian 17

Fortitudo abandons the uncomfortable last position in the standings, imposing itself on PalaDozza in the delicate challenge against Treviso. Martino gets the answers he wanted from his defense, the team hits the game well but then Baldasso’s three triples are needed in the fourth period to fold a NutriBullet that had returned from -13 at the end of the first quarter to -1 of 32 ‘.

It matches

The beginning is a Fortitudo domain, which rides Groselle giving the ball in the low post and in general presents itself on the field with a much higher energy than the guests, also dragged by the return in the curve of the Lions’ Den. Martino’s team plays perfectly, finds 4 three-pointers in the first quarter and flies to 25-12, while Treviso takes over four minutes to score the first points and travels to 4/15 on play. Little by little, however, Menetti’s team enters the game in the second period. The first shock comes from Bortolani, then it is Sims who makes the void in the center of the area scoring 14 points in the fourth and propitiating the rapprochement (38-35), frustrated however shortly before the interval by the triple of Benzing – the best of the Bolognese in the first half with 12 points – for 44-37. The two protagonists of the first fraction (unique in double digits up to the fourth period forward) do not stop: Benzing’s triple gives the new +8 to Effe (51-43), but in the center of the area Sims continues to dictate the law which favors the guest rapprochement on 53-51. Imbrò, in his season debut in the league, even brings Treviso to -1 (61-60) and shortly after misses the triple of the draw. In retrospect it will be the last chance wasted by NutriBullet, because Tommaso Baldasso takes the chair (11 points between 29 ‘and 34’) with the two torpedoes from the bow that split the game.
Fortitudo: Benzing 19, Baldasso 14, Aradori 11.
Treviso: Sims 24, Bortolani 12, Russell 8.

Against all odds, a Napoli reduced to the bone by injuries and the market beat Tortona and won two very heavy points in front of its audience. Tortona recovers Sanders, Napoli will have Pargo only on Wednesday, Parks has at home with tonsillitis and loses Elegar in the warm-up. The derby of the newly promoted starts the scale that hangs all towards Piedmont, yet a very reworked GeVi tightens the defense, finds the basket with Lombardi and Marini and flies to 17-3 in the 7 ‘, with Tortona stopped at the post after Wright’s initial triple . When the intensity of the hosts decreases, it is Filloy and Tavernelli who launch the Piedmontese comeback at the turn of the first interval (17-2 for the 25-24 of the 14 ‘): the parity at 27 comes at the hands of Daum at 15 ‘, Bertram has time to go back (27-32) but GeVi reacts proudly and with Velicka and McDuffie closes ahead in the middle of the race (39-36). And it remains there for the whole 3 ‘quarter returning to +11 at 28’ (56-45). Tortona closes a 14-point 6/20 shot, Ramondino continues to shuffle his cards, first raises Wright and then Sanders but the light does not turn on. On the opposite side, however, Sacripanti has a contribution from everyone and at 35 ‘is back in control (69-55). It’s not over, Filloy reopens it with 3 other triples, the last one is with an additional one and is worth 76-75 with 38 ”from the end. It is played on the edge of the nerves with a systematic foul, Velicka and Zerini make 4/4, Tavernelli and Cain 1/4.
Napoli: Velicka 26, Rich 18, Lombardi 11
Tortona: Filloy 21, Daum 17, Cain and Tavernelli 10.

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Settebello Milano: go to Cremona and remain undefeated. Brindisi keeps up