Trento beats Brescia with one more Flaccadori. Virtus ok, Trieste easy in Sassari

The blue guard with 15 points is among the protagonists of the 78-72 success. Scariolo’s team beats Pesaro 88-75, the Sardinians go down by 32, then lose 74-83

Three advances today for the seventh day: Trento beat Brescia, Virtus Bologna returns to success against Pesaro, while Trieste trims a lesson in Sassari away.

Trento-Brescia 78-72

Trento overtakes Brescia and overtakes it in the standings, putting in the second consecutive victory in the championship and forgetting the Eurocup defeat that came this week. Good team performance for Dolomiti Energia, more intense, more lucid, in a balanced match for half the time and deservedly clawed in the final. Trento tries to lead the game from the beginning. The first extension brings Aquila to 14-8, but Brescia quickly recovers with the triples of Mitrou-Long and Della Valle, closing the first quarter ahead (16-17). The early stages of the game are a bit confusing, with errors on both fronts, as a result neither team ever manages to take off. Trento tries, with baskets from Flaccadori and Reynolds (28-24), but Brescia immediately grabs it again thanks to Mitrou-Long (10 points in the middle of the game). Caroline’s three-point play brings the result in a draw (33-33) at the long interval. The game finally comes alive when you leave the locker room. Trento starts strong, Moss and Gabriel respond from the arc for Brescia, but the hosts play with a different attitude, fighting on each ball with greater intensity, and sprint on Reynolds’ wings (52-46). The great inaccuracy from the arc (5/27 from three throughout the evening) does not allow Molin’s team to escape, so Germani can return to only one possession away with the magic of Laquintana. Bradford’s three free throws close the third quarter with L’Aquila still ahead (55-50). Germani finds in Petrucelli (7 consecutive points) her weapon to move forward (56-57), Trento has instead in Flaccadori her main gun to continue leading. Della Valle is also among the protagonists of the final point to point, but Bradford’s penetration thirty seconds from the siren closes the game in favor of the Eagle.

Trento Reynolds 19, Flaccadori 15, Bradford 13

Brescia Mitrou-Long 21, Della Valle 13, Cobbins and Petrucelli 9

Virtus Bologna-Pesaro 88-75

Virtus returns to success in the league, after the two knockouts away from Bologna against Naples and Tortona. Pesaro fights as long as he can with Delfino’s pride, at the end of the third quarter he is still at -4 but in the fourth period Segafredo presses on the accelerator and stretches inexorably guided by the energy of Cordinier and Weems. Pesaro had started very well (11-16), with four triples in the first five minutes and a Delfino immediately inspired to punish the uncertainties of Virtus who relies on Hervey (his all first 7 team points). It takes about 15 ‘for the hosts to break up, finding some good defense and an open field for the easy baskets that produce the escape. Teodosic and Mannion (13 assists in two at the interval), feed their teammates perfectly, Cordinier and Hervey strike with punctuality and a 14-2 is born that launches Segafredo (36-25), in a second quarter from 30-20. Pesaro, however, does not give up and, taking advantage of an unsportsmanlike to Teodosic and a technician to Belinelli (out in the second half due to a muscle problem), remains in contact at the interval (48-41). Weems scores six points in a row at the beginning of a decidedly bad third quarter, in which Virtus fails to shake off opponents who find eight points from Sanford in addition to the usual Delfino to get closer to 63-59. However, it is the last gasp of Vuelle, which slowly fades away while the Bolognese cling to the inexhaustible energy of Cordinier and the geometries of Mannion and Teodosic to finally extend the 82-67 in the middle of the last quarter.

Virtue: Weems e Hervey 18, Cordinier 14

Pesaro: Delfino 14, Sanford 13, Zanotti 12

Sassari-Trieste 74-83

Trieste aims high and confirms its good moment by finding the third consecutive victory; at PalaSerradimigni the band of Ciani dominates for 30 ‘then risks in the final a sensational comeback of a Sassari who, at the long break, enters the locker room amidst the whistles of his fans. After a first quarter in which Dinamo clings to Logan and Diop, Ciani’s team spreads, Delia’s work is constantly rewarded, while Banks and Mian hit from long distance with always open shots, punishing all defensive doublings; a set of factors that holds the peremptory 34-58 at 20 ‘, with large sections of the game in which Dinamo on the pitch seems like a non-paying spectator. After the long pause, the expected Sassari reaction collides with Trieste’s ability to control the rhythm and strike patiently in the low post, with Konate protagonist; Allianz reaches +32 and for Sassari the match ends 14 ‘early. The last quarter is a long garbage time, but only for Trieste which leaves a lot of space for Banco, which takes advantage of it abundantly, softening the passive, but without canceling the third consecutive defeat in the championship: the final 74-83.

Sassari: Burnell 13, Battle 11, Gentile 10

Trieste: Mian 16, Banks 13, Delia, Konate 12

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Trento beats Brescia with one more Flaccadori. Virtus ok, Trieste easy in Sassari