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As child celebrities grow up, many are left with the memory of their early hits and then have trouble embracing the new facets of these artists after they come of age. What happens when former Disney stars like Bella Thorne grow up and seek their own path away from traditional or conservative patterns?

“I was 12 when I was (on the Disney show) ‘Shake It Up.’ Keep this in mind when everyone is judging me and talking nonsense. (At that time) I was working more than 50 hours a week, at 12 years old. I’m 23 now. Yes, things have changed now. It’s true, I went through puberty. My breasts grew, my hips widened, now I am a complete woman. Hi there! Nice to meet you. How can they not see this? ”Said the celebrity.

Some comments about Thorne may be particularly critical because she has chosen to explore her sexuality through music and films, as well as through the sale of their intimate photos through the OnlyFans site. As reported last year, he was the first person to net a million dollars in the first 24 hours on that platform.

“It bothers me so much that people say, ‘oh but she’s grown so much’ and ‘oh my gosh, she’s so old’ and ‘look what she’s wearing.’ I say, literally, it makes me want to tell them, ‘Are you stupid?’ But I can’t say that because it’s bad. But, I want to tell you, ‘do the math,’ I mean, think, think for a moment before you say anything, ”Thorne said through Zoom, sporting a red sweater as he smoked.

A topic about controlling boyfriends

Despite the pandemic, Thorne is releasing a new single, ‘Phantom’, in which he combines two of his great musical influences and addresses the issue of controlling boyfriends. The video will be out on April 2.

“Hip-hop and rock have been my two biggest influences, like 80s rock and hip-hop, that’s why this song is so fun because it really is about my two favorite genres combined,” said the influencer. on the subject that premieres this March 26.

“I wish I hadn’t stopped speaking Spanish because now I want to learn it again. I always say, heck, why did I have to have dyslexia? ”He said.

Remember Maria, Mariana Levy’s daughter

Bella Thorne also recalled – albeit barely – that last year she collaborated with Maria Levy, the daughter of the late actress Mariana Levy, in a photo shoot with Mascolo.

“What session was that? I do remember her, but not the session, “said the artist, adding that they are not friends, but they worked well.

Thorne said he met Levy through referrals and that “everything was easy and the session went well.”

“Like when things happen and the universe is like… I don’t know how to describe it, like things had to happen. Your paths had to cross and I think our paths have to cross for a long time, ”Thorne added about the shoot in which Levy took the photos.

Thorne made her film directorial debut in 2019 with the adult film ‘Her & Him’, in association with the porn site Pornhub.

Having gone from child TV star to singer to film director and broadening her reach on social media, Thorne says she is satisfied with what she has accomplished so far.

“I feel really happy . I am doing everything I wanted to do. There’s literally nothing I can’t do and for me that is so crazy, because for a long time there were many things that I could not do, but wanted to do. And now, I can do those things. I’m doing those things, ”he said. “There is literally no ‘can’t’. They all said that I couldn’t be an actress because I couldn’t read. They all said that I couldn’t be a dancer because I couldn’t dance. And I had to shake myself. On a great dance show! I learned to dance on that show (‘Shake It Up’) ”.

Imitating doesn’t make any sense

The artist recommended that her followers be who they really are and not simply imitate others.

“Don’t do what I do just because I am doing it. Do what you want to do because you like to do it, ”he said. “I can’t say the following without sounding cheesy, but, “We (celebrities) are just like you.” We are all human beings and we all make mistakes. They all change. Everyone finds himself. And in the process of finding oneself, (celebrities) are projected all over the internet in view of billions of people. “

Contrary to what some conservatives might think, Thorne promotes gender equality and calls for people to get involved in the fight for women’s rights.

“It is unbelievably cool. I think this thing is super, “said the artist in reference to the fight for gender equality. “It doesn’t matter if you are tired, if you have fought all your life for what is right, now is the time to fight for more. Fight with your last breath because now we are making changes ”.

What can men do to support gender equality?

“For starters: Listen,” Thorne said, adding that on the web there are many practical tips on how to make a woman feel safe when she and a man suddenly run into each other in a dark place.

“Little things like this that you don’t even think can help, but those little things help a lot,” he emphasized.

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Bella Thorne’s confessions to premiere ‘Phantom’ | Famous