Best new horror movies of 2021: ‘Malignant,’ ‘Fear Street,’ ‘Candyman’

Every year around Halloween, a batch of “best horror movies ever!” lists crop up.

Including one by me.

Which is fine — horror movies are great and this is the best time to watch them. Even bad ones offer something, be it laughs (intentional or otherwise) or the occasional jolt of adrenaline. The good ones offer more.

And every year there are good ones. There aren’t always great ones, but that’s true of any genre.

This year is no different, and some of the offerings have been particularly imaginative. (Full disclosure: I haven’t seen all of the horror movies released in 2021; chances are, I’ve missed something worthwhile, and I hope to catch up.)

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Best new horror movies of 2021: ‘Malignant,’ ‘Fear Street,’ ‘Candyman’