Bill Skarsgard reveals he has nightmares about Pennywise and talks about the sequel to It

Bill Skarsgård inherited the talents of his father, the experienced Stellan Skarsgård known for films like Indomitable Mind – 97% y Dogville – 70%, and to honor the family streak, the 27-year-old actor already had his first acting challenge by getting into the shoes of the legendary clown Pennywise in It (It) – 85%, by the Argentine director Andrés Muschietti, the new adaptation of the eponymous book by Stephen King. Apparently Skarsgard didn’t just get into the character first brought to life by Tim Curry in the 1990s miniseries That – 67%, his obsession led him to live in character 24 hours a day before and during the filming of the film, but it seems that the evil clown does not want to abandon him even in his dreams.

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In a recent interview with Metro, the actor revealed that it has been difficult for him to get rid of Pennywise, and little by little he is exorcising the clown that was born from King’s imagination:

It is disturbing and funny. I returned to Stockholm after filming. And every night for two weeks, I had recurring nightmares about Pennywise. I saw that I was him even though the movie had already ended. There I knew that it was not him and that I was in the wrong place. It scared me that when people saw my face it was his. It was all very surreal. I can not explain it.

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He said that he is learning to cope with these situations and that they are hazards of the trade, hence if he will embark on the second part of It (It) – 85%:

I am involved but that is all I can say, we are in the early stages and I am in negotiations with Andy [el director] about it and finding out what IT will do. It’s a different story, but I’m excited to delve into the character as there will be more exploration on Pennywise.

Returning to the Pennywise line that he had to interpret the question of the responsibility of exceeding the expectations of the fans and filling Curry’s shoes, and what will make this Harlequin different, he mentioned:

I worked very hard to make my own interpretation of the character created by Stephen King. Tim Curry’s performance is understandably iconic, it won’t be Pennywise himself, you better find out where this new one is going. We will definitely not do the same. Reading the movie and the book and talking about the second version are two different things, we have to exceed expectations and not do the same thing again, so I look forward to that result.

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King’s followers know that in the second part of the book the protagonists in their adult stage have to face Pennywise again. According to Dan Lin, one of the film’s producers, if the public approves Muschietti’s film, the second part will focus on the fight between the mature Losers Club and the eternal Pennywise:

The idea is not to leave half measures and adapt the whole book.

It (That) – 85% will premiere in Mexican theaters on September 15, meanwhile watch the behind-the-scenes here:

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Bill Skarsgard reveals he has nightmares about Pennywise and talks about the sequel to It