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For a few weeks the cinemas of our country have already opened their doors to receive the public and of course, with all the biosecurity measures, since we are still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Week by week new films enter the billboard. Terror, fiction, suspense, comedy, among other genres, are those that you can enjoy in the tapes. Next, we tell you which are the premieres of this Thursday, September 23:

A place in silence: Part II

Following the fatal events of Part One, the Abbot family – Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe – must face the dangers of the outside world as they silently fight to survive. Forced to venture into the unknown, they soon realize that the sound-oriented creatures they hunt are not the only threat lurking beyond the sandy path.

Against the devil

After the tragic death of her eldest son, Blanca and her family travel to the coast of Chile. Strange things happen in the new house, Blanca thinks it is her son trying to communicate with them, but the truth is much worse. An evil spirit with a thirst for revenge stalks them. Only the village priest can help them, but he hides a terrible secret.


Nick Bannister, a private investigator who delves into the dark and seductive world of the past, helps his clients recover lost memories. It lives on the shores of the Miami coast, which is largely submerged under the sea. One day, his life changes when Mae, a new client, appears. Although Mae only comes to his office to find a lost object, it will turn into a dangerous obsession. As Bannister tries to find the reason for Mae’s disappearance, he discovers a violent conspiracy and, in the end, must answer the big question: How far would you go to cling to your loved ones?

SOS Alarm in the heights

Two sisters who live separate lives on different continents meet again on a Mediterranean island. The two barely have time to bond and revive family ties when Kate, the eldest, meets a group of locals and accepts a thrilling ride in a hot air balloon that will turn into a disaster.

Peter Rabbit: Runaway Rabbit

Bea, Thomas, and the rabbits have made it up as a family, but despite his best efforts, Peter doesn’t seem to shake his mischievous reputation. Venturing beyond the garden, Peter ventures into the less desirable streets of the city where his shenanigans are best appreciated, but when his furry family is in danger, Peter must decide what kind of rabbit he wants to be.

Explode, explode

It tells the story of María (García-Jonsson), a young, sensual dancer with a desire for freedom at the beginning of the 70s, a time that in Spain was marked by rigidity and censorship, especially on television. With it we will discover how even the most difficult of dreams can become reality. And all this told through the great successes of Raffaella Carrà.


Flor de Huaraz and the ‘Gringo Karl’: know the love story

Flor de Huaraz and 'Gringo Karl': this is the love story between the folk singer and the South African that ended badly
A few years ago, the relationship between Flor de Huaraz and the foreign citizen, Carl Enslin, or also known in the world of national entertainment as the ‘Gringo Karl’ gave a lot to talk about. At first everything was going well, they even put out hilarious songs together. However, with the passing of the years the love between them was wearing away that ended very badly. In the following video, we will tell you the love story between the two funny characters.


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Billboard: “A place in silence II”, “Against the demon”, “Reminiscence” and more premieres this week NNDC | SPORTS-PLAY