Blanca Portillo premieres today “Maixabel” and confesses why she was panicky working with Luis Tosar

Blanca Portillo tells that one night playing Hamlet in the theater she invoked her father, who died when she was 18 years old. “He is a character who spends his life talking to his dead father. And I think I brought him. I saw him between the columns of the Slaughterhouse. Many nights. I know he was there, he accompanied me and he did me a lot, a lot of good,” he says. . I had an outstanding debt with him. “I never knew if he would have accepted that I was an actress. I entered the school just when he died and he never saw me on stage. Every time I had – he makes the gesture of quoting with his fingers – an achievement, I knew my mother would be proud, But what about my father? I think he came to see me and tell me that yes, how cool “… he concludes his explanation with a laugh. Blanca speaks with her mouth, modulates her voice, dominates the pause, like a fabulous storyteller. And he speaks with his eyes, guiding you with his gaze in a transit of emotions, from intensity to laughter. La Portillo, while vaping, -that to quit smoking little desire- does not need a stage to take you wherever you want.

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Now you can add to your resume another accomplishment – I am not putting quotation marks on it – that your father will be proud of. She is the protagonist of Maixabel, a film directed by Itzar Bollan premiered at the Festival de San Sebastin (September 24 in theaters), inspired by the shocking true story of Maixabel Lasa, widow of the Basque politician assassinated by ETA Juan Mara Juregui and one of the first victims to interview her husband’s murderers in prison, in the restorative encounters from 2011.

With “the best actor in the world”

They did not sign her directly for the role, she went through casting. “Itzar called five or six actresses of my generation. I knew the story of Maixabel, I had always been interested and I did that test as if my life depended on it. go to the filming to meet her. ” Of course, they took it. The replica in the cinema is given by Luis Tosar, who plays the ETA member Ibn Etxezarreta. The result goes beyond the screen. Pierces the soul. “For me Luis Tosar is the best actor – I’ll say it, eh! – in the world. Look that I like Christian Bale. Well, if you give me a choice, I’ll stay with Luis.”

The film is the emotional journey in parallel, until they meet, of Maixabel and Ibn, of victim and perpetrator?

The interesting thing is that he looks at events from a human point of view. We tend to talk about figures and theories, ideologies, set phrases, but we forget about the individuals behind, not just the collectives. Each one has a life, a pain, an agony, a conflict.

Talk about forgiveness, second chances?

Is not the same. For Maixabel the important thing is the possibility of a second chance. She says it in the plural and includes herself: “We all deserve a second chance.” If you have repented, if you know you were wrong and are aware of the pain caused, if you are determined not to make the same mistake, how can you not deserve it. This is part of her personal ideology, which is not altered by the anger, pain and anguish caused by what happens to her husband. That is the strong point. His ideas are so solid that he carries them out. It is an unprecedented example. A very big woman. The meeting is planned to give herself a second chance.

Is forgiveness something else?

Forgiveness places us in a place of superiority. The idea of ​​giving the other a second chance brings us face to face.

How do you get into the shoes of a living person?

It is very difficult. I can’t do her because she already exists, I have to build a character. That is difficult to understand and face. Before meeting her, I studied the public figure. But the private, his intimate side, does not come in any encyclopedia. I told her that I had to ask her what no one was going to ask her, only she could tell me if she was very much in love with her husband, what relationship they had … and it was very generous.

“Maybe I’m not going to be in your gang, nor you in mine, but …”

Maixabel and Ibn continue to have a relationship to this day. Does reality exceed fiction?

The day the two came to the filming, Ibn told Maixabel that he was bringing her home and they left together in his car. She says a very nice thing: “Maybe I’m not going to be in your gang, nor you in mine” …, but they see each other from time to time. As she claims, they are united by force. They have a bond, they know each other, they understand each other. I have no words to describe that. They go places together, she recommends a play to him, she went to see her mother … Maixabel maintains that there are no better delegitimizing violence than the repentant ETA members themselves. There is irreparable damage and pain. Nothing can bring that murdered man back to life, each one of those murdered. But we have to continue living together. It is exemplary. From a human place, not a political one.

Luis Tosar and you did not know each other and you took advantage of that circumstance to feed the tension of your meeting.

He is the only actor that I was afraid to work with because every time I see him I split my head and think what it is like to face that man’s gaze? He was terrified and at the same time very eager. I thought I would use that for the meeting between Maixabel and Ibn. I asked Itziar not to see us until I shot that sequence. She rehearsed with me on the one hand and with Luis on the other, just as the mediator prepared the meetings between ETA and victim with each one separately. The entire team was complicit and they calculated the times so that we never met on the set. During two months! When the day came, I told Itziar, put the cameras, lights and when I turn off the engine, I go inside. I have never experienced anything like it. There was a time when they had to change the microphone because the heartbeat was going into sound. It was overwhelming. Luis says that professionally it has been the most important moment of his life. I was not disappointed at all. It is still much better than seeing him on the screen in front of your eyes.

You chose to be an actress at times like I know?

I chose to be an actress because it was an escape route. Because it allows me to live lives that were not mine and I did not like mine very much … That is why I have been reading non-stop since I was seven years old, they are ways of living lives that are not yours. Over the years I have realized that I keep doing it because it makes me a better person.

Sounds a bit typical …

I know, but it’s that it makes me question myself and understand others. It allows me to know things that I would not otherwise know and that makes you bigger. Who was going to tell me that I could be a journalist, psychologist, murderer, robber, and nun? I’ve done some amazing personal trips.

“Like a lion tamer …”

Are you actors professional liars?

On the contrary, we tell the truth. I have to pull myself, I have no more emotional material than mine and my experiences. That is why you have to live and get rich to have something to contribute. On the other hand, it forces you to look for things in yourself that you think you don’t have, you put parts of yourself at stake. What you do is real.

Do you have a killer inside?

Well yes, I have a Medea inside. Another thing is that the murderous part has it to a lesser extent than her, but the defense, the hatred, all those things that you say “I could not do them” … Well, find yourself a little. We actors are constantly searching. We do not lie, what we do is take out.

And sometimes you find things that you don’t like?

I find other things that hurt me, that embarrass me, that leave me scars. It’s like she’s a lion tamer. I’m sure some scratch took me. Each scar is the memory of a battle won.

Do you put sentences from a guin in a real conversation?

Yes, because there are people who write very well. There is one that I use a lot, from the Baroque function, and it says “Vanity and happiness are incompatible.” If I ever get married, which I hope to do, I will wear that. So that I don’t forget. There are phrases that stay with you and you put them there. And you don’t always give the copyright (laughs).

“Amenbar was very nice to me”

You have been an Almodvar girl, you have worked with Bollan and now you are premiering the series La fortuna, by Alejandro Amenbar.

One has her list of people she dreams of. I wanted to work with Amenbar and I knew that one day it would be my turn. If you want something a lot, if you are not in a hurry, come. When we met, he told me “what a shame about the mask because I had planned to get on my knees and kiss your hand.” And I … sorry ?! It was very cute.

Brujuleando in your networks I have seen that you are also a very fan of Dani Martn.

I die for him. When he released this latest album, What I Feel Like, I started following him on Instagram and after seeing him in an interview I put a comment. He answered me and it made me very excited. Now we follow each other and tell each other little things … In this profession in which vanity is so present, Dani is a very special person. And in addition to Atleti, he does not lack anything.

Does being famous make you stronger or more vulnerable?

Vulnerable without a doubt. I do not feel that I am a famous person, I prefer to say popular, many times I go unnoticed. But personally it makes me wonder why people approach me. And that is terrible. I have had some other bad experiences. And with men, I don’t even tell you. I used to flirt and I knew why I flirted. Now I have no idea. Why are they approaching? I get over it over the years, but it still causes me to mistrust. I always wonder, do you really want to meet me? I make it quite difficult. I am a tremendously accessible person, I do not go through life saying stay away !, but it is very difficult for me to open myself to someone.

And then the relationship?

I do not believe in living together as a couple. Being together every day … I can’t handle that. I need a private space of solitude, of time. I need to miss. When I have lived together – which has been little because I tell you that I am not worth it -, I had my own room, with my bed, my things, my records, and a key. My world, my paradise. If I am not there, nobody enters. We last six months, of course (laughs). I still need to have my place because I am the fourth of eight siblings and I have always had to share. Now I live happily. I would love to have a boyfriend who lives 300 km away or in the building across the street. You do things and you tell yourself. But together every day? I have a terrible time.

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Blanca Portillo premieres today “Maixabel” and confesses why she was panicky working with Luis Tosar