Bob Odenkirk rejoins the filming of ‘Better Call Saul’ after recovering from a heart attack

There are audiovisual fiction characters that remain forever in the hearts of viewers. Whatever their behavior in the series, their conduct or its plot outcome, charisma prevails and they become remembered as one of the great banners of a series or a movie.

In the same way, this esteem is also inevitably transferred to the actors who give life to these characters. Mythical figures such as George Constanza in Seinfeld, Peggy Olson in Mad Men or Omar Little himself in The Wire, remain forever in the collective memory of viewers.

Jon Hamm y Elizabeth Moss son Don Draper y Peggy Olson en ‘Mad men’.


Bob Odenkirk left his followers in suspense

Another very clear example of this is Saul Goodman, a character played by Bob Odenkirk who first appeared as an eccentric lawyer in the hit Breaking Bad and who later took the leading role in its spin-off, Better Call Saul. For this reason, all of us gave a small turn of the heart when about a month ago it was learned that he had fainted while actively participating in the filming of his series. Hours later, it was reported that the actor had suffered a heart attack and was fighting for his life.

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This news generated a great stir on social networks among the followers of the interpreter and the series. Several fellow Odenkirk adventurers, including Bryan Cranston (Walter White in Breaking Bad), asked people to “pray” for their friend’s health.


Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) – Breaking Bad – Gallery – Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC


Luckily, everything was a scare and Bob Odenkirk has already returned to the ring. After a break to recover, the Illinois native has already returned to filming the series in which he stars. “Back to work at Better Call Saul! Very happy to be here and to live this life surrounded by such good people ”, the actor has published on his social networks, thus surprisingly announcing his return to AMC fiction.

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In addition, showing off his well-known affable character, the actor wanted to have a recognition with his professional makeup partner: “This is the makeup professional Cheri Montesano, who is making sure that she does not turn out ugly on the set!”

Happiness among peers

Several of his fellow Better Call Saul have shown on social media their joy at the return of Bob Odenkirk. Actress Rhea Seehorn, co-star of the series, has celebrated the return of her partner on Twitter. Also the showrunner Peter Gould has been satisfied by the return of his protagonist: “Bob is back! What a great day for us! ”He wrote on Twitter.

Despite this great news, the premiere date of the next season of Better Call Saul remains a mystery. AMC has not yet revealed the date on which we can enjoy the latest installments of this interesting fiction from the Breaking Bad universe.

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Bob Odenkirk rejoins the filming of ‘Better Call Saul’ after recovering from a heart attack