Bond 26: the new 007 and everything we know

Bond 26 is on its way, the credits of No Time to Die They already confirmed it and the producers of the saga said, before the premiere, that things were not going to end with the last film of Daniel CraigRather, it is a new beginning and the opportunity to take James Bond into a new era, with a much-deserved update.

The most interesting of James Bond is that, although he is a character from the 50s, he really does not have an expiration date and the world has not tired of seeing him in action, especially because, with each new saga, the story begins anew and we have a chance to see to the agent in a different way, and with missions that had not necessarily been adapted before.

Now, Bond a new chapter is about to begin, with a new actor and a new beginning, but this time there are many more possibilities (some fans even want Jodie Comer, from Killing Eve, as the new 007 of MI6), and although some things do not go to change, the future looks very promising for the character of Ian Fleming.

The end of No Time to Die

The last movie of Daniel Craig It marks what will happen in the future, from the outset, the Bond Girls are much more important, they are not reduced to simple romantic interests and they became the secret weapons of the film, so surely that is something that they will continue.

Also, the arrival of Rami Malek como Safin forces the next villains to be even more brutal and dangerous, and the death of James Bond It is a milestone in the saga which means that there may be two different timelines, one in which the 007 title can pass to another agent (like Lashana Lynch and her Nomi), and another in which there is a new Bond to hold. long live the tradition of starting all over again every time an actor leaves the role.

The end of No Time to Die confirmed that there will be more Bond in the future and that now it is like in Marvel, where time is no longer necessarily linear.

The new 007

Lashana Lynch was confirmed as the new 007 since before the premiere of No Time to Die. In the film, she showed that 007 is not the only major agent in MI6, but she also makes it clear that the number can be passed from one person to another if it becomes necessary.

No movie has been confirmed with her as the protagonist, but it has not been said that it is something that is not going to happen, so have her and return to the character of Anna of Arms and to the one of Léa Seydoux it could help expand Craig’s Bond canon even if he’s not around (or it could come back in flashbacks like La casa de papel).

Who will be the new James Bond?

For now there are a few actors who sound like possible candidates to be the next Bond, there is talk of Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Regé-Jean Page, Tom Hiddleston, Richard Madden e Idris Elba, among others, but nothing is set in stone.

The producers said that, to let Daniel Craig savoring his goodbye and shining one last time like 007, they weren’t going to start looking for his replacement until 2022, so they probably don’t have anyone in mind yet. What we know is that it will be a man and that they are looking for a younger actor who can appear in several films.

In addition, there are rumors of possible series and spin offs about the characters that have appeared in the saga, although, if that is the case, everything is being kept secret.

What is Bond 26 going to be about?

An important detail is that some actors of the Craig franchise could return, Judi Dench started in the movies of Pierce Brosnan and I could continue to play M in the future, besides, Ben Wishaw He said he would be interested in coming back as Q if they let him, and Ralph Fiennes He said the same about bringing M. Naomie Harris became a key character as Moneypenny and her version was very well received, so she could come back too.

Regarding the story, we are sure that the new Bond will return to the first books of the saga, but it is not yet known which one or at what point in the story we will see it. There are those who want their saga to begin after the murder of his wife, but the team behind Bond 26 has not confirmed anything, and they probably will not do so until they have their new protagonist chosen.

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Bond 26: the new 007 and everything we know