Brie Larson is accused of being jealous of WandaVision and her fans defend her

Captain Marvel – 60% was a divisive movie. There is no doubt about it. Marvel intended to make a feminist superhero movie. It is debatable whether he succeeded at all or not. At times, it feels that this aspect was something that was done in a very studied and artificial way. What is certain is that affirming that it was, made it a controversial work for all who do not support or do not understand what feminism is. They did not miss the campaigns against the film and to lower its rating in Rotten Tomatoes.

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That said, Brie Larson was strongly attacked for this film and for all the statements she made about it. She proclaimed herself as a feminist and earned the hatred of many people across the internet. Several of the campaigns and movements against the film were motivated by completely unwarranted hatred towards the actress. His performance in the film was full of all kinds of controversies. One of the most famous was when many people began to complain that in the first trailer they did not see him smiling. At the time, he replied to the people who said that by sharing posters on Instagram that were modified so that male heroes such as Iron Man or Doctor Strange came out smiling.

There is a moment in the film itself when a character blames him for not smiling, but it is not something they added as a result of the controversy. As it is something that women are told very often, it was already in the script. This is what he said in an interview:

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No. That was already in the movie. We had already recorded it. It is only a representation of the female experience. Yeah, that’s right, that’s why it really didn’t bother me that much when I saw people react like that. This is how it usually happens

Two years after that movie was released, the bullying towards Brie Larson has not stopped. It is no exaggeration to say that she has been and is the victim of online harassment simply for being vocal about her feminist positions. A proof that the hatred towards her is still valid is what she reports We Got This Covered. They have mentioned that the training portal DKODING launched a report without verifiable sources where they assure that Brie Larson is jealous of the success of WandaVision – 95% and that they resent Teyonah Parris in particular. Recall that that actress played Monica Rambeau in that series, who is the daughter of Captain Marvel’s best friend and will be the co-star of Captain Marvel 2. It is an article that does not go too deep into that subject and does not come across as too credible.

For this reason, MCU fans have decided not to believe that publication and react to the, most likely, false accusations. Here are some of the best tweets:

Brother, stop lying to have more visitors. It is something very desperate.

Why are you that stupid?

Hahahahaha, get yourself a life, man.

This is just ridiculous

Using Brie to get visitors…

What the hell is this? You guys are going to try anything to make Brie look bad.

Some morons saw WandaVision and they wondered “How can I make this about Brie Larson?

They are very desperate, eh? I’m dying of laughter. Just admit that you are very desperate and go crying.

Think that Larson I would resent Teyonah Parris or the Wanda Maximoff-centric show wouldn’t make sense. It doesn’t go with his personality. Even less if we pay attention to the rumors that she herself has been pushing for more heroines in the MCU. It is inevitable that as soon as the sequel to Captain Marvel, we will see more and more displays of hatred towards her and, once again, the way in which the actress knows how to respond to them.

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Brie Larson is accused of being jealous of WandaVision and her fans defend her