CANTABRIA.-British director Peter Webber presents in Santander ‘La joven de la perla’


The Santander International Film Week (SICS) welcomes tomorrow, Monday, September 13, the visit of the British director Peter Webber, who will present at the Botín Center the film ‘La joven de la perla’, the film starring Scarlett Johannson and Colin Firth that tells how the famous painting of the same name by Johannes Vermeer was created. The screening will take place at 9:00 p.m. in the original version with Spanish subtitles.

The director is also known for directing ‘Hannibal, Dawn of Evil’, the fifth Hannibal Lecter film to date and a prequel to ‘The Silence of the Lambs’, ‘Hannibal’ and ‘Red Dragon’.

The Cantabria Film Library welcomes at 8.30 pm the screening of the documentary ‘Spain in a day’, directed by Isabel Coixet. Based on the concept of the film ‘Life in a Day’, directed by Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott, the Catalan director composed the film from the videos she received from thousands of citizens who recounted how her life was on the 24th of October 2015.

Within the SCIS, it is the first work projected by Coixet, who will be awarded the Lighthouse of Honor, an award given each year by the Week as a tribute to the filmography of a consecrated national director.


A first screening of the Origins Section will take place at Fundación Caja Cantabria (Casyc). The screening, in its original version with subtitles, will be from the comedy ‘Kiss me silly’, the Billy Wilder classic starring Dean Martin and Kim Novak. It will take place at 5.30 pm in the Up Room.

The second session will be from the film ‘I think we are alone now’ (‘Are we alone?’), By Reed Morano, and will be screened at 7.30 pm in the theater. The director, winner of an Emmy for the series ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, directs this film, which won the Special Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival with a special mention for Excellence in Filming.

The film is part of ‘Creators’, the cycle with a feminine gaze that seeks to vindicate and make visible the work of great filmmakers and which is part of the tribute to the Sundance TV channel, which this year celebrates 10 years of broadcasting in Spain.

The fifth edition of the Week will be held uninterruptedly at different venues in the Cantabrian capital until 18 September and will be a meeting point for established filmmakers, emerging talents, moviegoers and viewers of all ages. All tickets and invitations are already available through the website for purchase or reservation.


Tomorrow the first of the six school sessions that will take place during the Week will begin. The little ones will be able to enjoy the screening of the short film ‘The invisible monster’, directed by Javier and Guillermo Fesser and which deals with hunger, broken dreams and hopes. It is an awareness project of the NGO Action Against Hunger.

The program is completed with an activity that combines literature and cinema. At 7:00 pm at Librería Gil, Juan Estelrich will sign copies of ‘The necessary link for Spanish cinema’. On the occasion of the centenary of Berlanga’s birth, the director, producer and assistant director of mythical titles of Spanish cinema reviews, through his experienced gaze, the history of Spanish cinema since the 1950s.


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CANTABRIA.-British director Peter Webber presents in Santander ‘La joven de la perla’