Casey Affleck’s dark past

Casey Affleck He has always been known to the public as Ben’s little brother. Practically, almost his entire professional career has remained hidden under the long shadow of the famous director and protagonist of Argo. Casey made his first steps on television in 1988 in the TV movie Lemon Sky with Kevin Bacon, but his discovery came from the hand of Gus Van Sant in All for a dream (nineteen ninety five). With the American director he would repeat in El indomable Will Hunting, next to his brother and his inseparable friend, Matt Damon.

In 2007 he starred in the independent drama Goodbye little one, goodbye, under the command of Ben and critics highlighted his role as Robert Ford in the western The murder of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford, where he faced Brad Pitt. For this film he was nominated for an Oscar in the category of best supporting actor. During the last decade he has alternated his appearances in author films and comedies and lately we have been able to see him in Triple Nine and The decisive hour.

Michelle Willimas and Casey Affleck star in ‘Manchester by the sea’

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However, this 2017 it seems that his name is destined to shine with its own light and it is a more than probable fact that he has serious options to win the Oscar for best actor for a role loaded with drama in Manchester by the sea, written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan. Indeed, Affleck had words of gratitude for the director of the film when he picked up the Golden Globe for best actor in a drama at the gala held last Sunday.

The 41-year-old interpreter from Massachusetts could not start the year better and his incarnation of Lee Chandler, a plumber who returns to his hometown after the death of his brother, is one that moves, according to several critics who have commented. seen the movie. In Spain it opens on February 3.

But it’s not all flattery for the Affleck’s youngest. A murky episode in the actor’s life could complicate his options for the prized golden statuette. Or not. Because seeing his triumph at the awards gala given by the Hollywood Foreign Press, it does not seem that he is going to see much commotion now due to a scandal that took place in 2010 and that some media have aired again these days.

And that year, the actor made his debut behind the cameras with I’m Still Here, a mockumentary about the fictional rappering career of actor Joaquin Phoenix, who was his brother-in-law at the time. The story passed without pain or glory on the screens and even Ben Affleck admitted that his brother had made a mistake when shooting this controversial film.


Joaquin Phoenix, en I’m still here


Casey signed producer Amanda White and cinematographer Magdalena Gorka for her documentary. Both sued him for sexual harassment. And, they alleged, the director made derogatory comments during filming, in addition to regularly commenting on their sexual exploits.

Among the accusations against him, White said that one day Affleck forced a member of the team to drop his pants and show his penis. The producer commented that Casey constantly referred to women as “cows” and that on one occasion he asked her that it was time for her to get pregnant because she was already an age. White also mentioned that the interpreter proposed to have sexual intercourse and that by refusing, he aggressively shook her. Soon after, always according to her plea, she was fired.

A producer and a cinematographer sued him for sexual harassment during the filming of ‘I’m still here’

He also commented that one day he could not enter his hotel room in Costa Rica because Affleck and Phoenix were having sex with two women. It should be remembered that at that time the then director was married to Summer Phoenix, Joaquin’s sister, and had two children with her. The couple separated last March after ten years of marriage.

For her part, Magdalena Gorka finally abandoned her participation in the documentary after suffering the “most traumatic treatment of her career”, as she stated in her lawsuit, in which she accused Affleck and other members of the team of speaking openly about her desire to have sex with her. The director of photography even said that on one occasion she was sleeping in a hotel room in New York where the production team was staying and she woke up with Casey hugging her side, in a T-shirt, in his underwear and totally drunk.

Gorka and White sued for two million dollars each, and the actor took the issue down by denying any inappropriate behavior. He also hired celebrity attorney Marty Singer to close a financial settlement that has never been made public. In a recent interview with the magazine Variety, Affleck assured that “people can say what they want. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you answer. I suppose people think that if you are known, it is perfectly valid to say what they want. I do not understand why this is so. But it shouldn’t, because everyone has lives and families, ”he added.

The Nate Parker case

This whole affair has only reminded the recent case of Nate Parker, the actor and director of The Birth of a nation, the film praised at Sundance and that was destined to be one of the firm candidates for the most important awards in cinema. Parker was acquitted of raping a student in 2001, but scandal hit him again when it emerged that the alleged victim had committed suicide.

The race to the Oscars of this drama about slavery plummeted this summer and from the Hollywood Academy some members assured that they would not see the film or help in its promotion. Thus, the chances of qualifying for a statuette are minimal, according to experts. The Golden Globes were no longer there when they announced this year’s nominees.


Actor and director Nate Parker

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“Considering the fact that Parker’s career took a fatal blow, we have to wonder why Affleck’s story remains hidden,” the reporter wrote in November. Daily Beast, Amy Zimmerman, one of the first to unveil this dark side of Affleck. “I think being a white man gives you a lot of second chances, whether you’re a Hollywood star or a college athlete,” Zimmerman told AFP.

What is clear is that, for the moment, Casey’s path to enter the Olympus of the great stars does not seem to end in the same direction as that of Parker, the great disowned today of the mecca of cinema. Undoubtedly, the seriousness of the acts for which the African-American actor and director was accused are greater than those allegedly perpetrated by Ben Affleck’s brother, who has avoided scrutiny.

On January 24 we will meet the Oscar candidates and it is almost certain that Casey’s name will sound in the best actor section. Does anyone expect Hollywood to boycott his film or that a colleague of his profession will loudly disown that dark chapter from his past?

Critics have praised his role in ‘Manchester by the Sea’ and he is a strong Oscar nominee for best actor

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Casey Affleck’s dark past