Tamberi show: in Zurich it rises to 2.34, after the Games it takes the Diamond League

Tamberi show in Zurich it rises to 234 after the

In the last meeting of the circuit, the man from the Marches triumphs, becomes the protagonist and becomes the first Italian to win the Diamond. It’s a gala evening: in the Duplantis auction at 6.06 and Sidorova at 5.01, on the 100 Kerley at 9 “87 and on the 200 Bednarek at 19” 70 It … Read more

Jacobs: “The alarm clock at dawn, the anxiety about the race and that front page of the Gazzetta …”

Jacobs The alarm clock at dawn the anxiety about the

The two-time Olympic champion tells Massimo Gramellini: “An hour before 100 I didn’t want to run anymore, then I did the breathing exercises. I was ready” A long interview with Marcell Jacobs was published today in Sette del Corriere della Sera, about his life before and after the historic golds of Tokyo. We publish an … Read more

Rome, metro station dedicated to the Yellow Flames: and the Olympic gold medals arrive

Rome metro station dedicated to the Yellow Flames and the

The inauguration with Palmisano, Patta and Sabatini: the baptism took place on a train all branded with the colors of the sports group From this morning the Roman metro station Cipro / Vatican Museums is also called Fiamme Gialle. The baptism took place on a train all branded with the colors of the sports group … Read more

Golden dinner in Milan! Tamberi celebrates with Bolt and Barshim

Golden dinner in Milan Tamberi celebrates with Bolt and Barshim

The three Olympians met at the restaurant after the Formula One Monza Grand Prix. Mutaz to Gimbo: “Now you just think about eating …” At dinner together, seated at the same table: from left to right Gianmarco Tamberi, Mutaz Barshim and Usain Bolt. Together with them, crème of the crème of international athletics of the … Read more

Goodbye Sedykh: the longest-lived world record of his hammer. Vizzoni: “A revolutionary”

Goodbye Sedykh the longest lived world record of his hammer Vizzoni

The former Soviet two-time Olympian, whose record has lasted since 1986, died of a heart attack at the age of 66. The former blue: “With him the launch also became speed” His world record remains the longest of the men’s. Thirty August 1986, European Championships in Stuttgart: the hammer of the Soviet Yuriy Sedykh lands … Read more

The psychologist Colombo analyzes Tortu’s transformation into the relay

The psychologist Colombo analyzes Tortus transformation into the relay

In the final of the relay Filippo Tortu was simply perfect, the fastest (8 “845), even more: another athlete. The opinion of Dr. Andrea Colombo, sports psychologist While waiting for the great autumn marathons, it’s time for Italian athletics Club Championships. Saturday and Sunday a Caorle the Finale Gold who will award the scudetto (male … Read more

Patta and the new challenge on 200 meters: “I will go under 20 seconds before Tortu”

Patta and the new challenge on 200 meters I will

Gold in 4x100m and plans for the future: “I’ll stay in Oristano and if work on the new track begins … Marcell and Turtu? There is mutual esteem as between all of us and now I’m going to hunt Philip … ” From our correspondent Andrea Buongiovanni September 22 – Castelporziano (Rome) He hadn’t competed … Read more

Mary Keitany, the world queen of the marathon, announces the retirement

Mary Keitany the world queen of the marathon announces the

She announced it to the press: the back injury she has suffered from since 2019 has no longer allowed her to return to training at a high level Mary Keitany, the greatest world performer of the marathon of the last decade, he had to say enough. Wednesday 22 September the announcement to the press: theback … Read more

Jacobs, Tamberi, 4×100, Stano and Palmisano: a golden stage with Italian athletics

Jacobs Tamberi 4x100 Stano and Palmisano a golden stage with

Our Olympians in Trento: the king of the 100 will be celebrated by Borzov, the high champion from Sotomayor and Fosbury Andrea Buongiovanni @abuongi 6 October – Milano Minus one: the countdown towards the start of the 4th Sport Festival is running out. Trento, from tomorrow to Sunday, is ready to host more than one … Read more

Schwazer, Wada sinks: “For us always guilty, Italian justice is something else”

Schwazer Wada sinks For us always guilty Italian justice is

The dg of the world anti-doping agency Niggli on the dismissal of the trial of the blue walker: “Criminal law is one thing, they can decide what they want but sports justice has been very scrupulous and the evidence is evident” The Wada does not move back even an inch. There seems to be no … Read more