‘A Quiet Place: Day One’ is the Official Title for Third Franchise Movie

A Quiet Place Day One is the Official Title for

Jurassic World Dominion is stomping into theaters on June 10 and in the wake of this morning’s Official Trailer #2, a massive dino-sized image gallery has been shared by Universal. The images highlight both new characters and returning legacy icons, as well as a host of different dinosaurs that we’ll be meeting – some for … Read more

Silent movies to screen in Pomona, Riverside

Silent movies to screen in Pomona Riverside

You’ve got two chances to see a classic silent film the next two Saturdays, both with live accompaniment on a vintage pipe organ and in stately settings. One’s in Riverside, one’s in Pomona. Pipe down and I’ll give you the details. • “City Lights,” Charlie Chaplin’s 1931 comedy about a blind flower seller who mistakes … Read more

New movies to stream this week: ‘I Love America,’ ‘7 Days’ and more

New movies to stream this week ‘I Love America ‘7.jpgw1440

Placeholder while article actions load Does Lisa Azuelos love America? I’m not sure, but based on the evidence of the movie “I Love America” — which the French filmmaker has described as 99 percent “my life” — she sure does seem to have a soft spot for American movies, especially the conventions of romantic comedies … Read more

How the sci-fi tech in Marvel movies influences real-world products

How the sci fi tech in Marvel movies influences real world products.jpgsignature73727c27b395ce754c5f782ab5396b2a

The lines between fiction and reality are blurry for John LePore. As a futurist and creative director who works on both movies and products, LePore not only crisscrosses these borders — he helps shape them. Much of his work has been done with Perception, a New York-based design lab. The Emmy-nominated team creates future tech … Read more

Avatar: The Movie That History Forgot

Avatar The Movie That History Forgot

This morning, I woke up, bolt upright, drenched in sweat from an unhinged, unnamed nightmare. This morning, I remembered the movie Avatar existed. “Avatar,” I whispered to myself. “Remember Avatar? The movie about the blue… things?” Unobtanium… floating mountains… Sam Worthington as a Hollywood lead… Hair sex. Wait, hair sex? My long-entrenched memories were dislodged, most … Read more

“Everything Everywhere All At Once” and intertextuality in modern movies

Everything Everywhere All At Once and intertextuality in modern movies

If you haven’t seen “Everything Everywhere All At Once” yet, do yourself a favor and buy a ticket right now. The movie has something to offer anybody — poignant commentary on generational trauma, awesome sci-fi action sequences, a goofy sense of humor and even a resonant romantic thread. Any of these topics, as well as … Read more

Missing ‘Yellowstone’? Watch All of Creator Taylor Sheridan’s Other TV Shows and Movies

Missing Yellowstone Watch All of Creator Taylor Sheridans Other TV

Time to grab the popcorn and pull on your cowboy boots! Taylor Sheridan’s TV show Yellowstone has got us all hooked (or, one might say, lassoed), whether we’re in it for the hunky cowboys like Luke Grimes, the Dutton family, or the gorgeous ranch landscape. The Paramount Network’s sleeper hit rocketed into blockbuster superstardom over … Read more

Brokaw: Series about mobster movie makes viewers an ‘Offer’ they can’t refuse

Brokaw Series about mobster movie makes viewers an ‘Offer they

Courtesy ‘The Offer’ begins streaming Thursday, April 28, 2022, on Paramount+. It has been 50 years since the release of “The Godfather,” which became the highest grossing film to that date. Now Paramount+ has a 10-episode dramatic version of how the film came to be. “The Offer” includes plenty of Hollywood … Read more

Spider-Man’s Andrew Garfield Announces He’s Taking a Break From Movies

Spider Mans Andrew Garfield Announces Hes Taking a Break From Movies

Spider-Man: No Way Home may have cracked open the Marvel Multiverse; but in this reality, Andrew Garfield has been at the center due to his roles in The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Tick, Tick… Boom!, and, of course, Spider-Man: No Way Home. Following the latter film’s release, the fan demand to revive The Amazing Spider-Man franchise dominated … Read more