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NDP government sues itself to save Albertans money

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Sheila Gunn Reid reports that the Alberta government is suing itself because it didn’t occur to them to familiarize themselves with Alberta’s energy regulations before they made broad sweeping changes to them. “Fake concern” leaves taxpayers $9B in the hole. Watch as Sheila explains the convoluted mess the Notley NDP…

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Settled refugees are depressed and complain ‘there’s too many old people here’

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Government programs have brought many refugees out of Syria away from the war where their homes have been destroyed, but many are still not happy. Some refugees in Canada have complained about hotel living conditions before they moved into their permanent residents forcing the Trudeau government to move fast as…

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Sask. Muslims say Canadians have no rights to free speech and want to change rights

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What’s the meaning of free speech? Canadian Muslims want to change the Canadian Charter of Rights to protect themselves from Islam insults, Saskatoon Muslims say Canadians don’t know what insults are, insults are not freedom of speech they say.  Global News said the Saskatoon Muslim community gathered together to protest…

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