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Ontario Teacher Praises Jihadists, Police to Investigate

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Nadia Shoufani, a teacher in Ontario wrote on her Facebook page some time back that “the ‘martyrdom’ of Samir Kuntar is a ‘testament for heroism…Blessed be Samir for his martyrdom with dignity and pride.’” Shoufani is being investigated by the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board after she spoke at a…

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Different targets, different countries – The challenge of stopping Islamic State

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Deadly attacks in four countries linked to Islamic State show the limitations of U.S.-led efforts to loosen the group’s grip in Syria and Iraq, and the challenge of stopping attacks that are not only globally dispersed but very different in their choice of targets, current and former…

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North Korea threatens “physical response” against U.S. THAAD system deployment

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SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea’s military said on Monday it will make a “physical response” to moves by the United States and South Korea to deploy the advanced THAAD missile defense system on the Korean peninsula. The United States and South Korea said on Friday that the Terminal High Altitude…

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Legalizing Anal Sex for 16-Year-Old Teens is NOT Canada’s Number One Priority

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Justin Trudeau has said in an interview the Liberal government is looking into legalizing the age of consent for 16-year-old teenagers, when asked if lowering the legal age of consent for anal sex from 18 down to 16, Trudeau promised,  “Yes. That’s something we very much look forward to moving on in…

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