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Wind-Farm Company SUED Canada $28 Million In Legal Costs And Damages On Liberal Supported Project

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Windstream Energy had filed a claim under NAFTA saying the province of Ontario treated it inequitably and unfairly. The corporation demanded $475 million worth of damages. Since the claim was filed under an international treaty, the Canadian government had no choice but to defend the province’s decision. Information on this…

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Canada Threatens To Build A Wall If Americans Don’t Elect The Canada Party

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Construction on the wall has already begun, and Canada is building it if Americans can’t decide who to choose as their leader between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee and serial LIAR Hillary Clinton.  Why not choose The Canada Party as your President? Watch below and share. 

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Hillary Clinton Has ‘Dropped Out’…Reactions Are PRICELESS!

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The New York based comedian received awesome responses from the public, all of which ranged from cheering to being utterly depressed, gloomy and of course, HAPPY, while two people went as far as to exclaim that they would be committing suicide because of it, hopefully they were told it’s just a joke. If…

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