Vinatzer, a giant challenge: “Qualification objective, with the tips of Moelgg”

Vinatzer a giant challenge Qualification objective with the tips of

Alex on Sunday makes his debut in the Cup in the specialty: “I’ll start with 70 but qualification is possible” He will have a very high bib. “The last or the penultimate, in any case around 70”. Alex Vinatzer, however, is taking his debut in a giant World Cup very seriously on Sunday in Soelden. … Read more

Goggia: “I remain restless and go full throttle. And Italy will carry the flag with me”

Goggia I remain restless and go full throttle And Italy

Sofia freewheeling between the role of standard-bearer at the Games and the season that begins: “Nobody keeps their foot down like I do” Simone Battaggia October 23 – Milano It is the perfect link. Sofia Goggia, Olympic gold medalist in PyeongChang 2018 in descent, protagonist with Michela Moioli of the speech that pushed the 2026 … Read more

100 days at the Winter Games, between quarantines and a small audience

100 days at the Winter Games between quarantines and a

In Beijing, the anticovid measures will be more severe than in Tokyo: special shuttles, Chinese only spectators and 21 days of isolation for the unvaccinated. And the Chinese demonstrate It is already the Olympics of primates. For the good (no other city has ever hosted a summer and a winter edition) and for the bad. … Read more

Moioli and China: “Between devastating journeys and the police chasing you …”

Moioli and China Between devastating journeys and the police chasing

After the third place in the Cup race, the cross Olympian talks about the trip to the Beijing 2022 competition venues: “Long track, hard summer preparation is useful. Impossible to go for a walk outdoors, but in certain things the Chinese came to meet us “ A taste of what will be. Over the weekend … Read more

Michela Moioli, not just snow. Surfing, videogames, universities: “I’ll tell you everything”

Michela Moioli not just snow Surfing videogames universities Ill tell

For Michela Moioli the Olympics will also be a protagonist in 2022: after the 2018 gold medal, she will be the standard-bearer in Beijing. Here we talk about sports, university exams and private life Francesco Sessa & commat; fra_sessa October 30 – Milano “Giovanni Malagò called me and I didn’t know what to say: I … Read more

Infinite fountain, always at the top of the world short track: “They are tactics and instinct”

Infinite fountain always at the top of the world short

Arianna, in the first two stages of the World Cup, climbed the podium four times and last weekend, in Nagoya, in the 500, she returned to success after six seasons Andrea Buongiovanni @abuongi November 1 – Milano Arianna Fontana never ends. At 31 and after a couple of difficult seasons not only due to the … Read more

Lara Colturi, at 14, has Shiffrin (and Cortina) in her sights

Lara Colturi at 14 has Shiffrin and Cortina in her

Daughter of art (her mother is the Olympian Daniela Ceccarelli), for years she has been training like the greats and after a season with 20 out of 20 successes she launches the race for the Games, following in the footsteps of Mikaela Marisa Poli November 5 – Milano Lara is (very) running. Fifteen years to … Read more

Grassl: “A lot of risk, I dream of Beijing. And … you haven’t seen everything”

Grassl A lot of risk I dream of Beijing And

The 19-year-old from Merano brought Italy back to the men’s podium of the Figure Grand Prix two years after Rizzo. “I was not very elegant, but with training … And I make an appointment in Milan-Cortina 2026” Andrea Buongiovanni @abuongi November 10 – Milano Before him only Matteo Rizzo, third at the NHk Trophy 2018 … Read more

Waldner: “Green pass, Olympics and safety: this is what the ski season will be like”

Waldner Green pass Olympics and safety this is what the

The dt of the men’s Cup: “We are focusing on the 4 disciplines, the safest giant goal, for Covid, a tight bubble and for Beijing …” Marisa Poli 12 november – Milano The Olympics on an untried track, green pass, no vax and the return of the public, the expected revolutions after the change of … Read more

Tobogganing, season at the start. Zoeggeler: “I’ll tell you about the Olympic track”

Tobogganing season at the start Zoeggeler Ill tell you about

The myth of the blue sleds, today dt, tells Yanqing on the eve of the start of the World Cup, amid a thousand doubts and restrictions related to Covid Let’s go. The Olympic luge season begins on Saturday with the first World Cup race: at 9.30 Italian the double, at 12.25 the single, while at … Read more