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This Chinese Beauty Queen Puts Trudeau In His Place And Has Advice For Him

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Canadian activist, actress and beauty queen Anastasia Lin calls Trudeau ‘a softy’ by not pushing the Chinese enough when it comes to human rights. She explains that his approach can endanger many Chinese Canadians and their families that live in the mainland. Lin, who herself once tried to speak for…

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VIDEO: Pipeline Companies Are Criminals, Say Protesters

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Native Americans are protesting against pipeline companies all over North America, recently towards the Dakota Access Pipeline Company. If completed, the pipeline would carry about 500,000 barrels of crude per day from North Dakota’s Bakken oilfield to Illinois. These protesters don’t understand the importance of pipelines and shipping oil, this…

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Syrian refugees from Germany want to move to Canada 

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Many countries have taken in refugees, one of the biggest is Germany, refugees have migrated into Germany legally and illegally. CIJnews was told German refugees originally from Syria are seeking a new home, in Canada closer to their families. Canada has taken in nearly 30,000 refugees since Justin Trudeau became…

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Muslim refugee rapes 10-year-old boy because it was “culturally acceptable” in his homeland

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A refugee who raped a 10-year-old boy thought he did nothing wrong. Mufiz Rahaman told Sydney’s Downing Centre Court that in Myanmar, raping children was not seen as morally wrong. Both Rahaman and his victim came to Australia as refugees because they were considered illegal immigrants from Bangladesh by the…

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