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Trudeau pissed off the Russian Embassy by siding with NATO after Nice attacks, Dion reassures Canadians

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The Turkish military has surrendered to the Turkey government after an attempt to take over the country, 2800 army personal have been detained according to last reports heard, people are unsure what’s going on and are confused, many think the Turkish government has ties with Islamic State. Some of the…

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North Korea threatens “physical response” against U.S. THAAD system deployment

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SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea’s military said on Monday it will make a “physical response” to moves by the United States and South Korea to deploy the advanced THAAD missile defense system on the Korean peninsula. The United States and South Korea said on Friday that the Terminal High Altitude…

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Justin Trudeau justifies why Canada spends so little on defence

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) meetings were held in Poland yesterday, Justin Trudeau was on board to discuss Canada’s role, United States President Barack Obama said on Saturday countries need to step up and contribute more, he didn’t name any countries but was talking about Canada. “Everybody has got to step up. Everybody…

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Syrian refugees take over beach in Europe, shout “Syria! Syria!”

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Syrian refugees have been brought to western countries by the thousands, many miss their homeland, war torn Syria has been infected by many Islamic jihadist groups, the biggest one known as ISIS. Many reports argue that it’s not easy being a refugee in western countries, from language problems to education…

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