Celebrities who have not done very well with surgeries

After the 90s top model, Linda Evangelista, revealed that her absence in the media was due to the fact that she had been the victim of negligence after having undergone an aesthetic procedure of freezing fat on her face, which left her “permanently deformed ”, The debate around the topics of beauty treatments was put on the table again.

Today, we remember some celebrities who have radically changed their appearance after undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Demi Moore

In his attempt to always look young, as when he starred in the film Ghost: the shadow of love or the sensual dancer Erin Grant in Striptease, at the peak of his career, Moore resorted to different aesthetic procedures to try to stop the passage of time. Although they almost always played in his favor, with the most recent it was not, as was evidenced when he inaugurated the haute couture parade of the Italian firm Fendi, when he displayed a completely different face with puffy cheekbones, fixed gaze and without a single line of expression, was how Demi, then 58, opened the runway of what was the first installment of designer Kim Jones for the house, becoming the news, more than the collection itself.

In social networks, the majority highlighted the markedness of her features and how swollen she looked.

Uma Thurman


With smooth skin and slightly fuller cheekbones, Uma Thurman appeared in early 2015 at an NBC event in Los Angeles.

Days later, Uma returned to parade on another carpet, in the presentation of the series The slap, where her face gave something to talk about. Uma denied having undergone surgery; She clarified that it was all about a different makeup, the work of her makeup artist, Troy Surratt.

However, the evidence is in sight. Most likely, he had Botox injections, which paralyzed his facial muscles, and cosmetic fillers. In addition, his eyes look different, and it has been speculated that it is the effect of the botulinum toxin that has been injected.

Tori Spelling


The actress rose to fame after starring as Donna on the series Beverly Hills 90210. Over the years, audiences have witnessed her acting evolution, and how she has transformed.

Although she just turned 48 last May, Tori began very young to undergo cosmetic treatments that have led her to look different.

He only once confessed that he went to the operating room to get an arrangement: “The only thing I’ve had surgery on was my nose and chest,” producer’s daughter Aaron Spelling told People magazine.

But the evidence and his face say otherwise. Dr. Ramtin Kassir, a prestigious surgeon, denied the actress in an interview for the Page Six media, assuring that her face has more than one cosmetic procedure.

The doctor said that Tori has undergone at least face and neck lifts, nose surgeries and a blepharoplasty.

Dr. Howard Sobel agrees with his colleague Kassir by assuring that “it is likely that he also used injectable fillers in the cheeks, jaw and chin, giving it more definition.”

Nicole Kidman


Another actress who has transformed her appearance without being able to deny it is Nicole Kidman, assiduous to cosmetic treatments, especially those known as less invasive, such as botox, fillers and facial lifts.

One of the first surgical interventions that was performed was a rhinoplasty, to slim and refine his nose. From there followed Botox injections and the application of collagen to her face, processes she underwent between her 30s and 40s, which changed her appearance.

It got to such a point that in his public appearances his face looked completely smooth, expressionless and completely paralyzed.

“The botox thing was a mistake, the result of pressure and the desire to look better, something that happens to many actresses in Hollywood,” she confessed regretfully to the Spanish newspaper El País.

Although he has not touched on the subject again, experts in aesthetic medicine assure that the protagonist of the series The Undoing has also resorted to the knife, when undergoing eyelid surgery, which has immobilized the eye area.

Michael Douglas


Vanity is not exclusive to women. Men are also looking for remedies to look younger and improve their appearance. There are many examples, such as Michael Jackson, who had multiple rhinoplasties performed or the case of Mickey Rourke, who deformed his face with the surgeries. Another is Michael Douglas. Catherine Zeta-Jones’ husband has visited the plastic surgeon on more than one occasion to undergo facelifts. His clinical file includes at least one rhinoplasty and various cosmetic treatments, including facelifts and botox applications. He has also turned to cheek implants, and denture changes.

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Celebrities who have not done very well with surgeries