June 12, 2021

‘A Silent Place 2’: Horror Movie Ending Explained – Movie News

Some doubts were left open at the end of ‘A silent place: Part 2’, so it is worth analyzing them and imagining the scenario that could occur after these actions, finally another film of this franchise has already been confirmed.

Surely you were intrigued by the outcome of A Quiet Place: Part 2, as suddenly the actions end just as things got even more interesting. That is why we have the ending explained to better understand what we saw. First we have Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Emmett (Cillian Murphy) trying to decipher the message that she found on the radio (which ends up being a riddle that guided the survivors to a safe place located beyond the sea); then we have Evelyn (Emily Blunt) trying to find oxygen tanks for the baby and medicine for Marcus (Noah Jupe).

The story of Regan and Emmett ends with the teenager arriving at the radio station located on an island free of aliens where they broadcast the song “Beyond the Sea”, all with the aim of massively spreading the wave that the hearing device the young woman generated and thus violate and defeat the fearsome creatures from anywhere in the region. On the other hand, the story of Evelyn and Marcus culminates with the son discovering the wave his sister transmitted on the radio and defeating the creature that was about to kill him, his mother and his little brother.

This sequel taught us several things about the world created by John Krasinski, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods: the first is that there are many more survivors than we knew and that, most of them, they are people who seek to take advantage of others. The second is that aliens cannot swim. The third is that there is an island free of these monsters with hyper-sensitive ears that could be the key to the future of the Abbott family and humanity.

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‘A Quiet Place: Part 2’ leaves the door open for another installment.

The ending obviously opens up the possibility for a third part, in which we could see the remaining humans in the world fighting the aliens., all of them led by the Abbott family, who will have to teach him how to kill them. In A Silent Place, the protagonists’ search was for food and basic objects to continue living on the farm; In the second installment, the family tries to find a new refuge after losing their home. That is why for the third part perhaps we will see the Abbot family trying to find radios, batteries and allies to form an army that puts an end to the alien invasion. Recall that another film by A place in silence although it is speculated that it is a spin-off.

As well as many sequels, A Silent Place: Part 2 left several doubts on the table, for example: What role will Emmett play in Part Three? Will he be the one to lead the attack on the aliens or will he die after being injured at the radio station? Also, in the first minutes of the film they showed us the beginning of the alien invasion, but we still do not know well the origin of these creatures, so later we may see what is happening in other parts of the world and we will meet new characters that we give a broader view of what happened on the day of the invasion.