June 16, 2021

Jason Sudeikis and the cool style you are going to want to wear at 40

Jason Sudeikis broke the internet with a single tie dye sweatshirt during the delivery of the Golden Globes. While the rest of his fellow nominees appeared wearing elegant suits and looks, Sudeikis He decided he wasn’t going to sacrifice his comfort for a simple Zoom video call, so he put the protocol aside and put on exactly what we’ve all been wearing during a year of confinement, and what we all want to be able to continue wearing when life returns. to normal.

The actor accepted his award for the series Ted Lasso (which you can and should see on Apple TV) with a sweatshirt from Champion of 100 dollars that is already sold out, and repeated the feat in the Critics Choice Awards With a blue hoodie, a cap and a mustache that shows us the correct way to wear this controversial style.

What can we learn from all of this? What Jason Sudeikis She is beyond trends, she has already reached that point where she wears what she wants when she wants and because she wants, and she knows perfectly well what looks best on her body. It’s a dad style, but a cool dad who appreciates fashion and likes to dress well, and we can all learn a few lessons from his best looks.

Dress like dad It does not have to be something bad, it is not an insult, it means that you are mature, that you have your life under control (more or less) and that your style always has some comfort always, which is the perfect balance to be well dressed without feeling feel like running to change as soon as possible. In the case of Jason Sudeikis (and his hoodie), his style is also a reflection of his style of humor and his talent for comedy, which is what has led him to sweep this awards season.

What can we learn from Jason Sudeikis’s style?

You have to have a uniform

The Sudeikis style: You have to have a uniform

© gotpap/Bauer-Griffin

This is the most important thing, it is not about wearing exactly the same clothes every day, but about knowing which are the cuts of pants, shirts and jackets that best suit your body type, as well as the colors that complement you best and the accessories that really go with your style. Having a uniform is what will help you save time getting dressed in the morning and make sure you always look good.

Love for the hoodie

The Sudeikis style: the hoodie goes with everything

© Handout

Why wear a jacket if you can wear a hoodie? The hoodie is a classic garment that will never, never go out of style, and with it you can be as basic or as colorful as you want. The best of Sudeikis, or the most loved on the Internet, was a tie dye sweatshirt with which he gave us a lesson on how to remain colorful with your clothes without looking like you are still dressing as a child.

In that case we did not see his pants, but we know that a sweatshirt can be combined with chinos or classic cut jeans to make it look better.

Looks “coordinados”

The Sudeikis style: coordinated looks

© gotpap/Bauer-Griffin

And by coordinated we mean to use color more intelligently, creating coherence through each garment by taking some key colors and repeating in different elements of the look. The best way to do it? There are many, but Sudeikis does it with a colorful sweater, simple pants and basic tennis shoes with a pop of color in the detail of the laces.

The key is in the jacket

The Sudeikis style: the jacket is the key

© Kevin Mazur

Wearing jeans and a t-shirt never fails, but if you want a more complete and sophisticated look, then you need an extra layer and that is where jackets and coats are your salvation. These garments are the ones that will take you from spring to fall and winter, and they will allow you to create even more combinations without having to add thousands of garments to your closet.

You are not ready without accessories

Sudeikis style: accessories complete the look

© Walter McBride

Be it a watch, glasses or a favorite cap. Accessories give you personality, so it’s a good idea to have a few in your collection. Jason Sudeikis is a man of simple and uncomplicated tastes, so his accessories are always discreet and usually include a cap that goes with everything.

You have to learn to dress elegantly

The Sudeikis style: you have to learn to dress elegantly

© Michael Kovac

Maybe you don’t need to wear a suit every day, but there are times when you will have to wear one and you need to know how to use it properly. Dark colors do not fail and the monochrome look is an easy way to look good without having to think too much, the key is that each garment fits you perfectly.