July 24, 2021

Lady Gaga and Versace team up to celebrate LGBTQ + Pride Month

The song “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga has become one of the anthems of the LGBTQ + community, for this reason, the singer has joined Versace to launch a mini collection during this month of June, thus celebrating pride and the 10 years of his album.

And not only that, but part of the profits generated with the line will go to benefit the artist’s foundation called precisely “Born This Way Foundation”.

The collection

The line will consist of a series of garments. Through her Instagram account, Lady Gaga posed with a white shirt on which you can see the Versace logo with the colors of the rainbow, as well as the title of her album.

“Versace has always been a leader. From Gianni, Donatella, Allegra and even now they have celebrated the beautiful colors of love that we have within to offer to others, ”he wrote in the description.

He added: “We are all a little more different and being different is beautiful. Thank you Donatella for supporting LGBTQ + mental health and the 10th anniversary of ‘Born This Way.’

Donatella Versace, head of the fashion house, also joined the ad and shared images of her posing in the same shirt that is also available in black.

“This month we are launching something special for all those Little Monsters who believe in inclusiveness and diversity,” he wrote.

Donatella Versace

And there are not only t-shirts, the firm also launched a leather jacket that is a replica of the one worn by the singer on her “Born This Way Ball Tour”.

Did you think it was all? Well no. Within the collection you can also find a beret style hat with the Versace logo in the colors of the rainbow.

“Born This Way”

The singer has celebrated with all the 10 years of her iconic album. In addition to its collaboration with Versace, it has launched another series of products that can be found on its website.

The most anticipated undoubtedly is the special edition of the album called “Born This Way The Tenth Anniversary” and will be available from June 18. However, the singer has already released the new versions of the songs “Judas” and “Born This Way” ¡Ídola!