July 25, 2021

Next Dimension returns in June

In 2021 Saint Seiya, the work of the ‘mangaka’ Masami Kurumada, has given something to talk about. This thanks to the actress Famke Janssen, who in an interview commented that she is working on a film project of Saint Seiya. To the above we add, that fans of Masami Kurumada’s work, finally know when the ‘manga’ returns Saint Seiya: Next Dimension. This ‘manga’ ended in June 2018 and now after three years we have known that the return of the canonical continuation of the story of Seiya and the other “Knights of the Zodiac” will be in the month of June. The announcement of the return of the ‘manga’ SS: Next Dimension It was given in the last edition of the magazine Weekly Shônen Champion, of the publisher Akita Shoten.

When is the premiere of chapter 96 of the ‘manga’ Saint Seiya: Next Dimension?

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The ‘manga’ Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, the story that follows the events of the Hades saga, returns in the pages of fascicle 27 of Weekly Shônen Champion magazine with chapter 96 on June 3, 2021. Additionally, the official blog of the ‘mangaka’ Masami Kurumada has shared some images that show information about the new chapters and the compilation volume number 13 of the ‘manga’ Saint Seiya: Next Dimension and a look at the covers of the first ‘tankoubon’ of the ‘manga’ Saint Seiya: Final Edition.

Saint Seiya Next Dimension capítulo 96
Volume 13, which compiles the chapters of the ‘manga’ Saint Seiya: Next Dimension from 89 to 95.

What will happen in the new batch of chapters of the ‘manga’ SS: Next Dimension?

According to the account @SSNextDimension on Twitter, chapter 96 of the ‘manga’ SS: Next Dimension it will be titled «The Sword of Chrysos ». The cover of this chapter is to the right of the first image. The second image reveals the cover of volume 13 of the ‘manga’ SS: Next Dimension and some bullets from different pages. Finally, the third image reveals details of the first volumes of Saint Seiya: Final Edition.

What is it Saint Seiya: Final Edition?

Saint Seiya Next Dimension capítulo 96

Saint Seiya: Final Edition (Kyūkyokuban) is the Akita Shoten publisher’s version of Masami Kurumada’s ‘manga’. This definitive edition of Saint Seiya will tell the story of the prequels of Saint Seiya and corrections of the ‘mangaka’ Masami Kurumada to his original work.

Via: XI THE FROG account on Twitter, ssnextdimencion, GeekU