July 28, 2021

What is behind the success of the Kate Winslet miniseries?

Cinema, television and, of course, literature, have placed many of their great stories in small towns, lost in the middle of absolute nothingness. Perfect settings for intrigues, secrets, lies and other “sins” that, hidden under its streets, take on special strength and prominence, oblivious to the longed-for anonymity that is only enjoyed in large cities. The good and the bad is much more intense and twisted in a locality where everyone knows each other.

Much of the deserved success of ‘Mare of Easttown ‘, the magnificent HBO series that little by little has gained unanimous support from critics and audiences, It is precisely that it takes place in a small town in Pennsylvania, populated by a kind of frustrated characters whose sordid lives are altered by the terrible murder of a young single mother.

Leading this investigation, and brilliantly performed by Kate Winslet, is Inspector Mare Sheehan, a strong woman whose day to day is also strewn with lights and shadows. It’s about a solvente drama criminal in which weighs as much or more than the thriller, the mysterious and decadent countenance of each one of the possible suspects … and of those around them.

‘Mare of Easttwon’. (HBO)

An issuance strategy that benefits you

HBO’s programming tactic of offering a weekly chapter of its series has been successful with ‘Mare of Easttown’. As the season has progressed, thousands of new followers have joined the miniseries, eager to discover the murderer of young Erin. Word of mouth and the expectation generated by its continuous script twists in each episode have managed to place it week after week among the most watched on HBO, a place it continues to occupy once it is finished.

Kate Winslet’s powerful message after the sex scene in her HBO series

Jorge C. Parcero

The eternal debate about what is more profitable to attract and retain subscribers, whether to broadcast a complete series from the day of the premiere, the case of Netflix, or to dose it on weekly demand, as Movistar + often does in addition to HBO, at least in this case, It is incontestable: the chain is right with its weekly bet.

‘Mare of Easttown’ has gained strength, despite or thanks to the strenuous dropper under which we have enjoyed it. This, without underestimating at any time, that the great merit of the series lies in its audiovisual quality, its careful script and the applauded interpretation of its protagonist. The lucky ones who have not seen it yet, with the 7 episodes already available on the platform, will be able to binge-watch, and see why it is impeccable, addictive and essential.

‘Mare of Easttown’. (HBO)

Winslet, in a state of grace

The series would not be anywhere near what it is without the presence of Kate Winslet. The British actress, under the skin of that fierce police inspector fleeing her painful and traumatic past, investigates with stubborn tenacity, the violent death of that adolescent mother, known to all in the locality, and that could be related to the disappearance of two other girls in the last year.

At the same time, the character tries rebuild your complicated family situationry personal, which includes from the fight for the custody of her grandson, to an ex-husband who lives too close to her, to the continuous disputes with her mother, Helen (Jean Smart), with whom she lives with her daughter Siobhan ( Angourie Rice), a lesbian teenager with her own personal and love affairs. The environment in which the protagonist moves cannot be more decadent and sad, and probably because of it, Winslet shines more.

Rarely do we witness an interpretation as sublime as that of Kate Winslet

Inside a body battered by age, life and the place where it comes from, and marked by incurable scars, bitter sorrows of the past and heavy guilt behind its back, Mare Sheehan seeks not to succumb to the Emotional debacle and the dark secrets behind the Easttown community. And it is that, that hermetic town, bathed by too much misery, drags premature pregnancies of adolescents, stormy family relationships, consumption of alcohol and drugs, betrayals and infidelities. In short, a whole sordid string of bitter circumstances, that they do not come but to hinder the investigation of the crime, commanded by the titanic interpretation of Winslet.

‘Mare of Easttown’. (HBO)

The world press has praised the work of Britain’s Winslet, winner of the Oscar, the Golden Globe and the Emmy. Rarely has criticism been so unanimous. His interpretation, hidden under an apparent security and integrity, transmits seamlessly pain, sadness, frustration, fear and not a little fragility. The nuances that she gives to her character, make that despite all the dark that shakes the plot, the work of the actress, protagonist of “Titanic” (1997) and that in 2011 already dazzled America with another very unknown miniseries in Spain (‘Mildred Pierce’, HBO), shine with your own light and stand out above the rest of the cast. At the moment, nothing is known about a possible second season, although she herself has already expressed her desire for it to materialize.

Traíler “Mare of Easttown”(HBO)