July 31, 2021

Jennifer Lopez shows off her steel abdomen with a cortical blouse in Los Angeles

Jennifer Lopez shows off her steel abdomen from Los Angeles.

Kevin Winter. / Getty Images

There’s no doubt Jennifer Lopez is determined to rebuild her life in the city of Los Angeles close to his ex-love, which he has apparently decided to return to, Ben Affleck. Between departure and departure, JLO shows off her toned abdomen with a very short green blouse in West Hollywood escorted by some of her bodyguards.

Yes Jennifer Lopez does not hide how well she is not only physically but how calm she is. Amen that has stamped everyone in the face again his abdomen of steel, while wearing high-cut casual baggy pants and a green-toned striped top. This happened after “The Bronx Diva” had lunch in West Hollywood. in the city of Los Angeles, where, according to various media, she would already be willing to move in the coming weeks.

Everything indicates that JLO already has the children studying in some schools in The Angels, as he was seen not long ago leaving one near Beverly Hills. While your ex, Alex Rodríguez, is looking for an apartment in New York, because I shared one with JLO, but surely the melancholy reached him and he has been seen in search of a new home. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez not only does she train daily from the city she is in, but she also wears some outfits that leave your abdomen in view of all so they know that, even in the middle of a separation, their beauty remains intact.

The outfit was completed with a small apple green bag and sports shoes in the same shades. The day before she was in Miami and she showed her abdomen again when she left the gym with some red leggings and top. There she was seen accompanied by three police officers. Precisely, in Miami he ate with his ex and father of his children, Marc Anthony, who supposedly set some conditions for him to move to Los Angeles.

Apparently, the only thing that interests the singer is that Jennifer makes sure that she is happy and that their children are too. Remember that Ben Affleck did not know Emme and Max very well because they were born after the relationship he had with JLO. So this is something new in “Bennifer“With what they will have to adapt, as well as Ben’s three children with Jennifer Garner, who were also born after the relationship between JLo and Ben.