July 31, 2021

Federico Bal announced with joy what he achieved – El Intransigente

Since she began “MasterChef Celebrity 2”, the face of Federico Bal constantly appears on social media. And is that the son of Carmen Barbieri is the digital host of the cooking contest. However, the profiles of the morocho are not only popular for the audiovisual content of the competition broadcast by Telefe, but also by your own personal material. In this context, he announced with joy what he achieved.

Recently, the son of Santiago Bal showed his 2.1 million followers a relic that he always wanted to have and only now could. It is a painting of a blonde woman with light eyes. The girl in question seems to be made up and in the portrait only her face can be seen, on a blue background with some motifs of birds, hearts, eyes and keys.

“This painting by @salomesajnin I saw it many years ago in one of the many tattoo studios of @hernancoretta. At that moment I fell in love. Today many years later, I was able to hang it on my wall, and it feels beautiful! Did I ever happen to you with an object, painting or something like that? Thank you @salomesajnin for this tremendous work! (sic), ”wrote the digital host of“ MasterChef Celebrity 2 ”on his official Instagram account.

The tattoo artist mentioned by Federico Bal himself commented in the publication of the famous who was the woman in the painting: Marlene Dietrich. She was a German actress and singer, who later obtained American citizenship. The celebrity was considered one of the myths of art. According to the American Film Institute, the interpreter was the ninth best female star of all time.

Dietrich passed away in 1992 at the age of 91, but his memory is still latent in some fans of his career, such as Federico, who put the artist’s painting in his home. It should be remembered that the media recently released a new tattoo that surrounds his entire back. Apparently, the presenter is a lover of drawings both on the skin and in the paintings. Will he surprise his fans again?