July 29, 2021

Heartbreaking Movies Recently Added to the Netflix Catalog

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Netflix keep doing it. In recent months, the company streaming continues to surprise its subscribers with awesome premieres, among which stand out original titles with heartbreaking plots that take anyone to the brink of sentimentality.

Squeezing the heart of even the strongest, you are Netflix movies have come to your catalog to be one of the most commented. And although there are a large number of titles that arrive week by week, below we present some of those that we are sure they will conquer you.

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If you think you have nothing to do stop looking: These emotional movies will will bring up different feelings with their stories that, although they are pigeonholed into different film genres, will offer entertainment from a different perspective Get to know them!

Blue Miracle

Photo: Courtesy Netflix.

A movie available on Netflix that underpins its plot based on a true story. The leader of a poor orphanage will seek to associate with a grumpy ship captain, with whom – in conjunction with the young orphans – compete in a lucrative fishing tournament. Reaching this mission will bring a story optimistic, endearing and heartbreaking.

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harrowing Netflix movies
Foto: Cortesia Netflix.

A moving story of helplessness. This Netflix movie focuses on the story of a talented teenager who looks involved in a robbery that resulted in a homicide. The young man must fight to prove his innocence in a judicial system that already considers him guilty just for its looks. A delight of performances among which stand out participations such as those of Kevin Harrison Jr., Jennifer Hudson, Jeffrey Wright, among others.

I am all girls

Heartbreaking Netflix Movies
Photo: Courtesy Netflix.

South African production film for Netflix is ​​sold as a mystery film, but beyond shows a heartbreaking reality related to child trafficking. A ruthless detective unexpectedly teams up with a murderer to take down the leaders of a powerful traffic network.

Paper lives

Heartbreaking Netflix Movies
Photo: Courtesy Netflix.

Although it has been a few months since it reached the Netflix catalog, this film from Turkey keep giving what to talk about. On the streets of Istanbul, a sick waste handler open the doors to an abandoned child that makes him face traumas from his own past. An emotional story that you can’t put aside.

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