August 2, 2021

Movies Releasing on Netflix in March 2021 – Movie News

‘Moxie’, ‘Sentinel’, ‘The day of the yes’ and ‘The seduction’ are some of the most outstanding novelties for the next month.

After knowing which series will premiere on Netflix in March, take note of the movies that the streaming giant has prepared for you for next month. Amy Poehler’s film, Moxie; the documentary Notorious B.I.G.: I Got a Story to Tell; the ‘thriller’ Sentinel; the comedy for the whole family El día del Sí; Seduction, and Akelarre are some of the titles that you cannot miss.

Next, we leave you the list of movies that will be released on Netflix in March 2021.


‘Notorious B.I.G.: I Got a Story to Tell’

Notorious B.I.G.: I Got a Story to Tell is the title of one of the original documentaries that Netflix premieres next March. Directed by Emmett Malloy, the feature film narrates, through interviews and previously unseen images, how Notorius went from being a small drug dealer to a great rap star.

Premiere: March 1st


The month of March comes to Netflix Moxie, the dramatic comedy directed by Amy Poehler. Starring Hadley Robinson, Josephine Langford, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Lauren Tsai, the film follows Vivian, a student who, tired of seeing certain types of behaviors and situations towards herself and the rest of her classmates every day, creates a feminist brochure as a of vindication. Once in circulation, Vivian is amazed by the reception it has among the students, whom she joins to draw up a plan to carry out a revolution.

Premiere: March 3rd


Olga Kurylenko is the protagonist of Sentinel, the new original ‘thriller’ that Netflix premieres next March. The actress plays Klara, an interpreter for the French Army, who starts a chase to find those responsible for the attack on her sister.

Premiere: March 5th

Stage floor

Stage floor is the title of the Colombian feature film that arrives on Netflix next March. Directed by Carlos Moreno, the film follows Don Óscar, a drug trafficker who is having a bad personal and professional moment. While trying to figure out how his wife is pregnant – he is sterile – he looks for a way to get quick money to pay off various debts.

Premiere: March 5th

The series that will premiere on Netflix in March 2021

The Block Island Mystery

If you like horror, Netflix premieres in March The Block Island Mystery. Directed by Matthew and Kevin McManus, the film tells how a pair of brothers must discover what lies behind the hallucinations and fainting spells of their father, who disappears without a trace. As they begin to suffer the same symptoms as their parent on their own skin, they begin to suspect that a strange presence could be responsible for their ills.

Premiere: March 11th

The day of yes

Netflix continues with its commitment to family cinema and premieres The day of yes, a great comedy starring Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramírez. The story presents Allison and Carlos, a perfect marriage, but too strict with their children. Luckily for the little ones, one day they are granted the day of yes. This means that, for 24 hours, their parents must give them permission for everything they want to do.

Premiere: March 12

‘Paper lives’

Paper lives It is the new Turkish film that is incorporated into the platform’s catalog. The drama stars Mehmet, a sick man, who begins to remember his traumatic childhood, when he is left in charge of a child.

Premiere: March 12

The plot Varsity Blues: Scandal at the US university

The plot Varsity Blues: Scandal at the US university is the title of another of the documentaries that Netflix offers next March. In this feature film, everything that was behind one of the most famous scams in the United States is related, related to the entrance of the children of high-class personalities, to the best universities in the country.

Premiere: March 17

‘Simply black’

Another original feature film landing on Netflix next month is Just black. The film tells how, while organizing a protest, Jean-Pascal Zadi reflects, in a satirical way, on racial discrimination.

Premiere: March 17

Crazier than a goat

Brazilian comedy Crazier than a goat It is another of the novelties that Netflix has prepared for March. The story follows two small-time policemen, whose mission is to recover Celestina, the goat that has been adopted by the town as a pet.

Premiere: March 18th

Seaspiracy: Unsustainable Fishing

Seaspiracy: Unsustainable Fishing is another of the documentaries that you will be able to see on the platform from the month of March. In it, the filmmaker Ali Tabrizi narrates the damage that humans do to the marine environment through irresponsible fishing and sometimes marked by corruption.

Premiere: March 24th

Amazon Prime Video: All Movies Releasing in March 2021

On the same wave

On the same wave is the title of the Italian romantic drama that Netflix premieres in March. The story stars two young men, whose life changes forever, after living a summer romance on the Sicilian coast.

Premiere: March 25th


The professionals

El western de Richard Brooks, The professionals, is one of the movies that Netflix adds to its catalog next March. Starring Burt Lancaster and Lee Marvin, the film follows a powerful Texan, who is forced to gather a group of men in order to rescue his wife, kidnapped by a Mexican criminal.

Premiere: March 1st

Gloria Bell

Julianne Moore and John Turturro lead the cast of Gloria Bell, the dramatic comedy that is incorporated into the platform’s catalog from March. The film, directed by Sebastián Lelio, follows Gloria, a divorced woman whose life is based on going to work in the mornings and going out to dance at night. Everything changes when she meets Arnold, a man with whom she begins a relationship, who will make her realize what he is capable of when it comes to facing different adversities.

Premiere: March 4


Another title that you can see on Netflix in March is Akelarre. Directed by Pablo Agüero, the film is set in the 17th century, in the Basque Country, in the middle of the persecution of witches by the Inquisition. In this scenario, Amaia, a 20-year-old girl, is arrested and sentenced for witchcraft practices, when she leaves a night party.

Premiere: March 11th


Seduction, directed by Sofia Coppola, also joins the Netflix catalog next month. Starring Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning and Colin Farrell, the ‘remake’ of Clint Eastwood’s film, The Seducer, narrates the situation that is generated in the home of a group of women when they temporarily take in a soldier injured. The latter’s intention is to seduce them with his charms, but his attitude is altered after an unexpected setback.

Premiere: March 13

No joke

Spanish comedy No joke is another of the novelties that you can find on Netflix throughout the month of March. The film starring Jordi Sánchez and Nathalie Seseña, narrates the adventure experienced by four couples, when they decide to travel to a retreat in the Caribbean to try to save their relationships. What they do not know is that to achieve this they must face trials that will put their own lives at risk.

Premiere: March 26th