July 29, 2021

Serj Tankian to launch modern piano concert ‘Disarming Time’ on Friday – EzAnime.net

SYSTEM OF A DOWN singer Serj Tankian will release a 24-minute modern piano concert on Friday, June 18. “Disarming Time – A Modern Piano Concerto” was composed entirely while Serge was in quarantine during the coronavirus crisis.

On Friday (June 11), Tankian shared a preview for the concert on his social media, writing: “Incredibly excited to share this unique musical piece that I created during the Covid lockdown. I challenged myself to collect numerous different musical ideas in a 24-minute modern piano concerto. Here’s a little sneak peek. The full composition and video will be released on June 18 «.

At the beginning of this year, Serge spoke about his compositional approach for the piano concerto in an interview with Revolver. He said, “Creatively, I’ve always had this dada-That kind of vibe, a Zappa-A kind of environment where even the 24 minute modern piano concert basically had different pieces of music marrying each other that didn’t have a pre-existing relationship and making it tick. I find it really interesting in all aspects: lyrically, musically, because a lot of music has already been made. What did John Lennon say? All songs and chords are already written. It is interesting to create relationships from things that are not normally related together.

SergeThe most recent release was the “Elasticity” EP, which came out in March. The five-song song received widespread praise, with New York Magazine saying that the collection sees Tankian“The impulses of rock and roll return in a vibrant and mischievous way”, Loudwire calling it “an exercise in eccentricity,” and The ringer praising the EP, saying Tankian“The full range of… writing talents is on full display.”

Serj Tankianis critically revered “Elasticity” EP, el SYSTEM OF A DOWN singer’s first solo release since 2013 «Orca», It is now available. The Los Angeles and New Zealand-based musician has simultaneously released a second video from the five-song collection, for the track. «Electric Yerevan».

Tankian He said of the tune: “The song was inspired by the successful ‘Electric Yerevan’ protests in Armenia in the summer of 2015, where people protested against proposed increases in utility prices. My writing from that time is inscribed word for word in the song. ‘ The Garin HovannisianThe directed clip provides a visual timeline of the events that led to the 2015 ‘Electric Yerevan’ protests and the subsequent 2018 Velvet Revolution, while showing the power of peaceful demonstrations around the world.

Regarding how the idea of “Elasticity” Occurred, Serge He said: «When I conceived the possibility of making another album with the guys from SYSTEM OF A DOWN A few years ago I started working on a set of songs that I arranged in rock format for that purpose. As we could not see face to face in the vision advancing with a SOAD album, I decided to release these songs under my nickname «. With his trademark eclecticism and unique vocal style, Serge offers a collection spanning the gamut of intense and electronically enhanced hymns as the title track, a battle cry for his beloved Armenia«Electric Yerevan»), the ironic political mix of “Your mom”, the loaded piano “How often?” Y «Rumi», a song that Serge wrote both about his son Rumi Y Rumi the poet.

Singer, poet, composer, visual artist, film producer, activist and composer, Tankian he has always created music as an outlet to express his thoughts and feelings with a level of passion and awareness that few in today’s world of music can rival. An Armenian born in Lebanon and rooted in Los Angeles, Tankian He was introduced to the fusion of cultures, ideas and ideals from a very young age. The principles learned from this integration and adaptation have led him to understand the unity of all things and since then they have maneuvered and transfigured into the music and art he lives to create. As lead singer and songwriter of SYSTEM OF A DOWN, Serge has released five studio albums, earning a grammy award in 2006 for «BYOB» and selling more than 40 million albums worldwide. Despite this success, Serge He has never become complacent with his art, always striving to open up new channels of sound and arrangement to articulate his artistic expressions. He has released five albums of solo material, starting with the hard rock album topping the charts of 2007. “Choose death”. His second solo album, “Imperfect Harmonies”, was released in 2010, followed by «Haraquiri» in 2012. 2013 saw two separate releases of Serge, the first being the critically acclaimed «Orca Symphony No. 1», released in June of that year, followed by the very unique “Jazz-From Christ” one month after.

For the past several years, his time in the recording studio has focused on creating scores and musical compositions for film and video game projects. Serge recently lent his voice to a modern version of BLUE OYSTER WORSHIPclassic rock «Godzilla» for the blockbuster Michael Dougherty movie “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”. He also recorded a modern version of the Armenian folk song. «Sari Siroun Yaar» With Orchestra of authentic light For the movie “The promise”, directed by Terry George and starring Christian Bale Y Oscar Isaac. Serge was also caused by Survival Pictures, the film’s producers, to serve as executive music consultant.

More recently, Tankian composed the complete musical score for the award-winning documentary “I am not alone” directed by Garin Hovannisian and the Producciones Live Nation movie “Truth to power”, what chronicles SergeThe very journey through the crossroads of music and activism. In 2017, Serge composed music for Emmy-nominated “Intent to destroy”, a gripping film directed by an award-winning documentary maker Joe Berlinger. That same year he created an intense score for the epic Russian action film. “Furious – The Legend of Kolovrat”, followed by his 2018 musical score for an award-winning film «Spitak», directed by Alexander Kott. Further, Tankian composed the complete musical score for independent films «1915» Y “The last inhabitant”, an original composition for Ilya Naishuller‘s “Unconditional Henry” and video game music scores for “Midnight Star” and its sequel, “Renegade”, which were created by one of the leading architects of the famous “Aura” game franchise.

SergeThe curriculum also includes the formation of a record label, Serjical strike records (established in 2001), which has released albums by many critically acclaimed artists, including FERIA A MIDLAND, Buckethead Y DEATH BY STEREO.

Along with his fellow musician Tom Morello (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, AUDIOSLAVE), Serge co-founded the non-profit organization Axis of justice in 2002, which strives to bring together musicians, music fans, and grassroots political organizations to fight for social justice. He has also ventured into the world of broadcasting as a co-host of the Red de radio Axis Of Justice, which can be heard through SiriusXM Y KPFK In Los Angeles. With the mission of spreading diversity and understanding through music, poetry and activism, Serge He will continue to surprise and enlighten those who listen to his music and listen to his words.

In recent years, Tankian has divided his time between holding a microphone and a paintbrush, having feverishly created more than 60 works of art since 2013. His journey into the world of fine art began with his “Musical Paintings from Time of Disarmament”, which were exhibited at the Project Gallery in Los Angeles. Since then, he has had multiple exhibitions in galleries in both the United States and New Zealand. In 2015, his artwork was displayed at the New Museum Los Gatos grand opening in Northern California as part of a group exhibition that ran from May to September of that year. More recent, SergeThe artwork was displayed in two notable galleries in New Zealand during February and March 2019.

SYSTEM OF A DOWN hasn’t released a full album since «Mezmerizar» Y “Hypnotize” LP, which came out in 2005.


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