July 27, 2021

The Batman: Jonah Hill and Jeffrey Wright join the project?

The Batman is underway and Jonah Hill and Jeffrey Wright would join the film alongside Robert Pattinson. What role will they play? We will tell you, here!

The Batman is officially underway and would add names to production. After twists and turns, ups and downs, the movie of the hooded man from DC is a reality and would arrive in 2021. Robert pattinson will be the bat man and Jonah Hill (The wolf of Wall Street) y Jeffrey Wright (Westworld) they would join as his co-stars.

So far the rumors indicate that the actors would be in talks with Matt Reeves, director of the film, and Warner Bros. to join the solo Batman movie. According The Hollywood Reporter, Wright would play the beloved Commissioner Gordon, Batman’s ally and Gotham’s defender.


As for the incorporation of Hill, the thing is even more diffuse. The actor would be the antagonist of Batman, but it is not known which villain he would play. According Collider, Hill would be negotiating the role of The Riddler, while THR points him out as The Penguin.


None of the actors, as well as WB and DC, came out to confirm or deny the rumors, which are sounding louder and louder. The Batman suffered many delays and for a moment it seemed that the film would never happen.

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Social networks were heard, how could it be otherwise and everyone has an opinion on who Jonah Hill should be. Bosslogic did his version of what Hill would look like in the skin of The Penguin, while Twitter insists that his incorporation is what the film needs.

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In its initial stages, back in 2016, it was said that Deathstroke would be the villain of the movie, with Joe Manganiello like the character and Ben Affleck like the hooded man. But by throwing Jonah Hill’s name on the list, the villain seems to have completely changed. Or will there be more than one?