August 5, 2021

The Simpson. They solve dark mystery of who appears in a chapter

The Simpson is one of the few series that has managed to mark more than a generation and remain in the memory of its fans for almost three decades, in that time, in addition to giving us laughter, the series has also been responsible for raising several mysteries from the events in its chapters that little by little, the fans and the creators of the program themselves are clarifying.

One that I know was very marked in the memory of the followers of the yellow family, is the one in which Bart and Homer go for a walk with the Boy Scouts on a river and, because of Simpson, they end up losing themselves taking the wrong path, while the other raft where other parents travel with their children, is stalked by a mysterious man.

This is chapter eight of the fifth season, issued for the first time on November 18, 1993, inspired by the movie Deliverance, from 1972 that takes place inside a river where the protagonists travel on rafts. However, it is not the boat in which Bart and Homer travel that has unleashed all kinds of theories, but the other, which man follows.

And it is that many followers of the series have long debated who the mysterious man in the mountains is that stalks them, whose face can never be seen because only its silhouette is shown through the trees and these are the terrifying theories that have arisen over the years.

The first, ensures that the man who watches the children is none other than Jason Voorheees, the villain of the movie Friday the 13th, as they assure that the cabins shown in the chapter are the same from that film, but this theory is quickly dismantled because the character wears a cap and it is not observed that he wears any mask.

The other, perhaps the most successful, claims this man is the father of a boy scout named WaldoHowever, if this is real, it would mean that the subject is a fugitive from justice, since the child admits at the beginning of the adventure that his father is in jail. To alleviate his sadness, Ned Flanders decides to find him a “famous dad”, the actor Ernest Borgnine who accompanies him on the trip.

Those who hold this theory, claim that Waldo’s real father escaped from jail to see him secretly, during his adventure, without embarrassing him, however, by seeing him with his “famous father” he feels jealous and decides to kill them all, since none of the characters that traveled in the boat are ever seen again, more than those already known.

But without a doubt, those who hold these theories do not know the plot of the film on which this chapter is based, because in Deliverance the protagonists are attacked by men from the mountains from the trees, this means that the sequence is completely based on the film and that there is no mystery to solve, discrediting both theories.