July 25, 2021

The Walking Dead | Andrew Lincoln confirma cuándo regresa Rick Grimes | Spoiler

The Walking Dead It will come to an end in its 11th season after more than a decade on television, with its ups and downs, but maintaining the essence that managed to captivate millions of viewers. One of the great unknowns that history has had in recent deliveries is the whereabouts of Rick Grimes, of which there are some theories. To clear up doubts, who referred to this was Andrew Lincoln, the actor who plays the character. Look when he comes back!

A few years ago, the actor himself announced at San Diego Comic-Con that it is leaving production. While many rumors appeared from the beginning, he himself said that the decision passed through his family, who lives in the UK, while he spent almost 10 years in the US filming. “This has been the most extraordinary, amazing and beautiful experience of my career”he commented.

Despite the announcement that he was leaving the series, Many hope that in the last season it will be revealed where Rick Grimes is, since in the fifth episode of the ninth season a helicopter took him away from Alexandria, after blowing up a bridge to stop the walkers, which leaves him badly injured but alive. Fans are constantly wondering what happened and believe they will have answers in fiction.

The interpreter of Rick, Andrew Lincoln, talked to the media SFX for his movie trilogy and confirmed when he returns to character: “We are very excited because at the slightest opportunity to do so we will start production. There is talk that it will be in spring. (March-July 2022). I can’t wait to put on my cowboy boots again. “.

Then he was consulted by the series: “At first, I didn’t miss him very much because it was a great ending to my story on television.”. Also explained that he does not know if he will return to the program, since he is not ready to return yet, although he stated: “I could say that I have missed Rick, he is a wonderful character and I love being Rick”.

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