July 26, 2021

A Quiet Place Part II is the first film released in a pandemic that exceeds US $ 100 million

Several Hollywood studios made the brave decision to release their pandemic films but things did not turn out well. The above is not the case for A Quiet Place Part II – 93%, a film by John Krasinski that is achieving an excellent collection at the United States box office. The long-awaited sequel has been flashy enough to fetch tens of millions of dollars and its run is just beginning. New data confirms that it is the first film to exceed $ 100 million at the box office during the pandemic.

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A Quiet Place Part II – 93% follow the immediate events of their predecessor. The Abbott family is forced to leave their home, now destroyed by the attack of the creatures, and to seek new horizons. Along the way they run into Emmett, an old family friend whom they will have to trust to get ahead. John Krasinski, Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy come together to make sense of this sequel packed with terrifying moments and a story perhaps not so well spun but no less harrowing.

Paramount Pictures is enjoying the honeys and box office glory this weekend thanks to A Quiet Place Part II. The sequel has grossed $ 100 million at the US box office, beating other hits from previous months like Godzilla vs. Kong – 85% (US $ 99.6 million) or Mortal Kombat – 74% (US $ 42 million) and declaring herself the new queen in these times of crisis. The Hollywood industry had a hard time in 2020, when theaters were forced to close to prevent the spread of the disease among consumers. The most powerful in the business saw in streaming the best way to continue bringing their products to the public at home.

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A Quiet Place Part II includes memorable performances with solo Emily Blunt Y Cillian Murphy, who have long careers in Hollywood that have earned them the respect of the environment, also from Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe, the children of the family; They both get a chance to exploit their drama skills and boy do they give us a couple of very solid teenage performances. The Abbott children take on very important roles in the sequel and the maturing of the pair is very well perceived.

A Quiet Place Part III it was confirmed a few days ago but Krasinski will not return as director, Jeff Nichols will be in charge of taking the big chair and things have become unpredictable. It is clear that the history of the Abbott family has many loose ends to solve and the sequel must solve each of them, we just hope that the next part does not introduce unnecessary characters or have sequences that are too slow and even irrelevant to the central thread of the film. story. Now it has become a franchise and it is only fair that the writers present a congruent narrative, away from the wishes of only making a profit.

What awaits us in the third part of A place in silence? It is clear that the marriage made up of Emily Blunt Y John Krasinski They’ve shaped one of the highest-grossing original stories in recent years, but the success is far from over. The success of the second part is a clear sign that the Hollywood film business is improving and that future releases await better box office after long uncertainties. What will be the film that manages to surpass what it has achieved A Quiet Place Part II? Tal vez Black Widow o The Suicide Squad .

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