July 31, 2021

Actor says Renée Zellweger was the love of his life

Jim Carrey, 58, has looked back and made a very personal confession: “Renée Zellweger was the love of my life”. The comic actor opened up about his relationship with the 51-year-old actress, whom he met on the set of Me, myself and Irene . They began dating in 1999 and lasted only a year, but Zellweger left an imprint on Carrey’s heart that remains more than two decades later.

The interpreter of The mask, who is fully promoting his semi-autobiographical novel Memoirs and Misinformation (Memories and misinformation), made this confession in a radio interview with Howard Stern, in which the actor declared that the Oscar winner was “really special to me. I think she’s lovely. “

They began dating in 1999 and lasted a year, but the actress left an indelible mark on Carrey’s heart.

After parting ways with Carrey in 2000, Zellweger married musician Kenny Chesney in 2005. It was also a brief love affair, because they divorced only four months later. She later dated Bradley Cooper and musician Doyle Bramhall II, whom she separated from last year.

Meanwhile, the comedian was married to Melissa Womer from 1987 to 1995 and to Lauren Holly for a year, in 1996. Playboy Jenny McCarthy was another of her conquests and she was with her for five years, until 2010.

Jim Carrey presents his most personal book: ‘Memories and misinformation’


During the interview, the interpreter also spoke about his relationship with the singer Linda Ronstadt (74), years before he rose to fame in Hollywood, and fondly remembered their love, despite the 16 years of difference between them. “I appreciate the people who have passed through my life for the good they gave me and that is why (Ronstadt) has a special place in the book … For some people, who looked at it from the outside, it may have seemed that I was a toy in that situation, but she treated me with incredible respect. “

A dark episode in the actor’s life was the suicide of Cathriona Whitein September 2015. Carrey faced a wrongful death charge by White’s family. Both the mother and her husband accused him of allegedly buying substances under a false name and giving them to their daughter. The indictment claimed that the interpreter provided the medications to White despite knowing that she was “prone to depression and had previously attempted to kill herself.”

Actor Jim Carrey at the premier film 'Sonic The Hedgehog', 28 January 2020, Berlin.

Jim Carrey, during the presentation of the Sonic movie

Annette Riedl / GTRES

Two years after White’s suicide, her relatives published a letter the young woman wrote in 2013 after one of her breakups with Carrey. In it, she affirmed that life with the actor would have been torture: “I loved life, I was happy with myself and I felt very good. I was proud of all the decisions that I had made and I met you. You got me into cocaine, prostitution, psychological damage, and disease. You did very nice things for me but you broke me as a person Jim. I wanted to get Jekyll but instead I had Hyde. You kicked me out of your life when you had what was left of me that was worth it. “

The letter was used as evidence in the court battle against the actor, who one day said enough: “I will not tolerate this heartless attempt to take advantage of me or the woman I loved. Cathriona’s problems started long before we met and sadly none of us could have avoided this tragic ending. “