July 26, 2021

Danna Paola and glitter makeup that makes eyes look bigger

Whether on television or Instagram, Danna Paola she always captures attention, and this time a glint in her eyes asserts that building a starring gaze is essential for the artist. His preferences for defining this part of the face are undeniable, framing it with dark tones and meticulous outlines. The technique smokey eyes, prevails among her most prominent photos, overwhelmingly defining her features.

Mexican actress Danna Paola usually opts for a cat-eye, defining the look for a seductive result, thus obtaining that style that makes your most casual outfits look like a cover. And when it comes to prominence, giving depth to your eyes is the right choice, but always starting from a successful delineation.

Explosive eyes peeked out of a pink ruffled style on the social networks of the Elite actress. A romantic combination with a twist dark which will be the ideal base to make the eyes look bigger and, therefore, more expressive.

The new makeup trick to make your eyes look bigger

If we talk about eye makeup trends that will make them show off like never before, the smoked deep deepening and sweeping blurring are the key to achieving an attractive finish. But it is not enough just to correctly blur the shadows or choose the right shades, Danna Paola completed the desired makeup with two trends that are proclaimed queens of the season, and with them you will achieve that your eyes look bigger.

First, let’s talk about the style glitter, the one that takes us back to the early 2000s, when the pop he stole the attention of all the scenes, and with this, he captured the curiosity of a makeup that shone by itself. And in that long journey so far, the singer Danna Paola has proclaimed that eye-catching touch. The cosmetic brand Maybelline explains that the best way to apply this effect is, through a shadow that already carries said shine, a little base before applying the glitter it will better allow its fixation.

Danna Paola in a sequined dress and her hair collected.

© Jane Khomi

To add depth to your dazzling makeup, Danna Paola, bet once again on an infallible technique when giving light to the face, and is the shine in the tear, the one that you can apply with a small brush or your fingers. Go for a pearlescent shade or shades with shimmering highlights. It should be noted that the outlined it is the key element to acquire that desired effect, Vincent OquendoCelebrity makeup artist Hailey Baldwin and Lily Collins is known on the red carpet for making eyes appear bigger. He states that for this a eyeliner negro.

Are you ready for a sophisticated trend?